Let's play Starsiege: TRIBES

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For those that don't know, Starsiege TRIBES is a freeware game.

If anyone is up for playing TRIBES with people on GiantBomb, i've uploaded an ideal setup for the game that you can download below.

I might add information on how to play the game here sometime, until then check out the wiki here on giantbomb.


> Extract the game and run Tribes.exe
> Click play game and setup your character
> Join game, the Giant Bomb server will be at the top
> You can also use the in-game IRC client to join #GiantbombTribes on irc.whahay.net

I recommend sticking to software mode, OpenGL tends to have problems. If you can run it fine in OpenGL, just press alt + enter and it should be default mode for fullscreen. The game may run better if you set your desktop to 16-bit. Change it if necessary!

Probably going to organize a game over the weekend.

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Good game, fun game, free game, i am in.

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Those looking for an alternate download site can grab the game here. It includes instructions on how to switch to the new master server as well as optional map packs to download. Hope to see some of you guys and girls in game.

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