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Startopia is a PC game released in 2001, developed by Mucky Foot Productions and published by Eidos Interactive. The game revolves around the creation and maintenance of a space station which acts as a tourist destination, spaceport, and ecological system. The player has only direct control over the design of the station itself, laying out floor plans for individual rooms, furniture and ecological layout, with no direct control over the NPCs.

The main goals can vary from action oriented gameplay, to non-violent competition between different tycoons. 


 The station controlled by the player has a total of three decks, each used for a different purpose: 


1. Bio-deck

The top deck consists of a deformable terrain which can be used to grow plants for harvest, and which aliens within the station can visit to relax.  

2.  Pleasure deck 

The middle deck is the economic centre of the station, and is where shops and entertainment buildings will be built.  

3: Engineering deck 

The bottom deck is the main deck and contains most of the stations facilities,  including docks for ships, power generators, medical centres and so on. 
These decks are further separated into segments, which can either be bought or taken over with force if a rival station manager is in control of it, in order to increase the area the player can build in.


 The game was re-released in 2005 under the Sold Out label.

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