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Steady Celery is one of the mascot characters that the player can choose to play against in the Calorie Challenge mode in Kinect Sports. Steady Celery is also available to choose in the "Party Play" mode. Steady Celery was made available in the "Calorie Challenge" DLC.

When challenging Steady Celery, the player must burn 26 or more calories within 5 minutes.

Fun Facts

Original sketches for Steady Celery

Steady Celery went through many revisions before the final version was decided on. The very first incarnation of Steady Celery had a mean scowl on his face and his outfit had a different appearance. The first set of concepts also had a lot more leafs on his head, which ultimately got reduced for the final version.

Steady Celery was not originally set to be the first challenger in the calorie challenges, that instead was going to be a character called Turbo Tomato.

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