Any form of Digital product that Steam isn't selling yet?

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I was just browsing the steam New releases tab and saw that they are now selling a War of the roses book i am not sure if this is directly related to the game or the story that the game is based on.

But it got me wondering: Is steam rapidly on it's way to become the defacto platform for all digital media? they have music, movies, books, games, software even interactive magazines (that PC gamer thing that came out a while back).

Would you like it if Steam kept expanding in the multimedia direction like I tunes for example or just stay games focused as it is right now?

Link to the book on steam

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They've had non-game software for quite a while.

It's whatever. I'll probably never buy anything that isn't games, but I suppose it's there for people who want it. There are certainly worse storefronts to use than Steam.

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Well they still don't have porn nor can I order a pizza from steam. They still have a ways to go.

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I've complained about this before, but they really need to fix how they handle soundtracks. You can technically buy soundtracks, but they end up in the directory that the source game is stored in. And because they're categorized as DLC, you need the base game installed to get to the soundtrack.

Which would sound super-picky, *but*, there *is* a media tab that is totally underutilized in Steam. And it'd be great if they could further sort out how they make all this stuff accessible to a user.

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