Any recommended wireless PC gear for Big Picture?

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I moving to a new place in a couple of weeks and my new room is going to be absolutely massive, big enough that I can fit a decent sized TV and sofa in there to accompany my already-ridiculous computer. Seeing as I have the space, I figured I would give Big Picture a try but, despite the flexibility of their new petal typing thing for controllers, I would still like the option of using a keyboard on the sofa for when I am browsing. However, it would need to still function as a solid gaming keyboard the rest of the time - I have almost 800 hours clocked on Dota 2 so this thing is going to need to stand up to some serious wasd action.

I'd like to say "Price is no object" but that's a lie.


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I'm facing a similar predicament, so advice would be welcome.

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Personally I've just been using the stock standard cheap Microsoft Wireless keyboard for mine (The Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800).. I use it pretty often and have had no issues.. That's if you want to go the cheap and easy route..

Also using Steam on my 47 Inch TV I've had no problem reading it at full resolution, but then again I'm relatively close to the TV.. and I just prefer Steam proper over big picture

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Well, i got no suggestions for wireless keyboards, since i've found them mostly to be an annoyance, but i do have an alternative. You could always just get a USB hub and run a long cable to your PC, keeping the hub near your sofa to plug in any peripherals. This also means you can plug in other stuff without having to walk over to your PC to do it.

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i have a wireless apple keyboard. because its all silver and shiney and im shallow like that.

works great though

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Yeah, the Bluetooth adapter recommended specifically for this tool. It allows you to wirelessly connect up your PS3 controllers and make your system believe it's a 360 one, so it will work perfectly for all your games and big picture itself. It's like $7 and it works flawlessly for me.

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: Try the XArmor U9W wireless mechanical keyboard... I've seen it for about $90 (so, yeah, it's not cheap, but...). It's not light (3lb [1.4kg]) and I can't say for sure what Cherry Brown switches feel like since I'm still rocking my Northgate Omnikey with the 5 pin DIN (with a PS/2 adapter) from back in the day.

Which is the big advantage of a mechanical keyboard (other than how damn good they feel to type on), you're likely to never need to replace it (though, again, I can't say for sure about modern designs - but for the most part they are built like tanks)... so in the long run $90 isn't as much as it seems if you'll be using the thing for the next 10 years.

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