Are you considering getting a Steam Machine?

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Posted by BeachThunder (14545 posts) 3 years, 5 months ago

Poll: Are you considering getting a Steam Machine? (73 votes)

Yes 30%
No 70%

Well, Valve are apparently creating some sort of 'living-room hardware'. Are you thinking of getting such a thing?

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#1 Posted by Humanity (16062 posts) -

I signed up for their beta testing, otherwise I don't see myself actually buying one since my work PC sits next to my living room TV so I have no need for another gaming box at the moment.

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#2 Posted by Seedofpower (4059 posts) -

Yeah, some time in the future.

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#3 Edited by RonGalaxy (4665 posts) -

If it was a decent pc for a decent price, maybe. Even though I'd much rather be a hardcore PC gamer, I just can't justify paying 800 dollars or more for a PC when the 400 dollars I spent on a ps3 has served me perfectly fine for a generation's worth of gaming.

Put it this way, if they can spec it in such a way where it's just as good as a ps4, and the same price I would jump at it. The problem with PC gaming is that optimization varies much more compared to consoles, which is why I don't think that feat is possible.

Also, if they could line up publisher partnerships to get on board with steam OS (meaning all/most games come to that platform this gen), that would be a big bonus!

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#4 Edited by atomic_dumpling (2535 posts) -

I don't see the point yet, at all. I have a gaming PC and 98% of my games are windows only. The remaining 2% are either Indie or shite. Also, I have a AMD GPU which is supposedly horrible for linux gaming.

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#5 Posted by Lilja (132 posts) -

We know next to nothing. So there's nothing to consider really.

"Hey wanna buy this... gaming hardware I have?"
"Price? What specs does it have? Features?"
"Yeah sure! That sounds good. I'll take it."

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#6 Edited by AMyggen (7623 posts) -

Don't know enough about it to make an informed opinion either way. Specs? Will we be able to upgrade it, if so, how much freedom will we have? Price? Etc.

The whole reveal was pretty useless in my opinion. We all knew that there would be a steam box (steam machine...), but this didn't really say anything more than what we already knew...and that they'll start a beta.

Edit: And Steam OS has yet to convince me. Right now, only a tiny fraction of games come out on Linux. Valve say that they've got deals lined up, but will that be enough? There's a reason why Linux gaming has never caught on with the mainstream (mainly that Linux is still too complicated for most people, and the lack of games), and I'm not convinced even Valve can solve this.

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#7 Edited by BeachThunder (14545 posts) -

@lilja said:

We know next to nothing. So there's nothing to consider really.

"Hey wanna buy this... gaming hardware I have?"

"Price? What specs does it have? Features?"


"Yeah sure! That sounds good. I'll take it."

Okay, think of it this way: If the conditions are optimal, does the notion of Valve-branded living-room hardware appeal to you?

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#8 Posted by Ravelle (2519 posts) -

I like gadgets and new stuff and really like the concept but we'll see what the thing will cost and will do.

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#9 Posted by bigjeffrey (5282 posts) -


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#10 Edited by Bell_End (1234 posts) -


i have my gaming PC attached to my TV in my living room along with a PS3 and soon to add a PS4.

i don't really see what benefit a steam machine would be to me.

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#11 Posted by Nictel (2695 posts) -

I'm sure the box somehow makes Steam deals even more appealing.

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#12 Posted by Gruff182 (1065 posts) -

Not really useful for me, seems great for the console crowd though.

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#13 Posted by Stete (782 posts) -

No since I already have one in the form of my PC. Although I would definitely recommend to people to get one instead of buying a console.

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#14 Edited by Marokai (3566 posts) -

@gruff182 said:

Not really useful for me, seems great for the console crowd though.

It's really not, which is what leaves me scratching my head. I'm the sort of person who would love more affordable entries into PC gaming, but it's just not where I'm prioritizing my cash right now. This really doesn't do anything for me, as a person who would identify as a console gamer. It doesn't seem to do much for anyone with an already capable PC, either. So I'm sort of at a loss.

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#15 Posted by ZeForgotten (10368 posts) -

Knowing absolutely nothing important about them outside of knowing that "Hey, a prototype almost exists" of course not.

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#16 Posted by Mister_V (2285 posts) -

If they do a low cost box that just does the streaming ill get that. Otherwise ill stick with my PC.

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#17 Posted by Justin258 (14292 posts) -

I'm planning on partitioning my laptop's hard drive and putting SteamOS on part of it just to see what all the fuss is about and, hopefully, to stream games from my PC to that laptop so I can play anywhere in my house.

I won't be buying a pre-built box for it, though.

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