Build physical copies.

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No, I wish I could do the opposite instead.

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JESUS there was a way to get rid of the rest of my physical game crap I'd do it in a heartbeat.

I will never understand people's anxiety over digital versions of games.

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with a steam library worth 1500$ i really dont want to have that many cases -,-

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I feel the same urge as I like my game collection, but you know money/desire/time constrained.

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I don't need a physical reminder of all the shit I buy and don't play.

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I barely have room for sixty 360 games and fifty PS3 games... Where will I put 200 Steam games?

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I think it would be interesting just to see how much space it would take up, but in terms of practical application, I'd rather not. Perhaps once I'm incredibly rich and successful and own several acres of land I can just make a literal Steam Library, and even have it all be steam-punk themed.

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With 800+ games, I can really do without it being a physical product.

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That seem like a colossal waste of time and effort.

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hayyyyl no son

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Not having to deal with boxes and DVD's is the very reason I buy games on Steam in the first place.

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Want space.

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Nah I just make list of games I have bought digitaly just to download them of torrents or whatever we have then when Steam will be dead and all people having their games only there effed up

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If I was a rich man with a ton of space to waste.. I'd do it. It's an interesting idea though. Wouldn't mind seeing if it can be done.

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I'm with everyone else here. If I could (there ARE less than legal ways to do it) I would rather have all of my console games ripped to my hard drive to play them without the disc. That's one of the reasons I wish there were more games on XBL that did simultaneous launch on disc and on the virtual store. On the other hand, I do like buying used games, so paying full price for games on the virtual store hurts the wallet a little.

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Do you have any idea how much you could get laid if you put that kind of effort into hitting on women?  On the other hand, the ladies will be fighting over you once they see your sweet fake-PC game collection.
That's just a joke.  Not really trying to sound mean.

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Sarcastic answer: Yes, just like I burned my mp3 collection to CD and filled a room with jewel cases.

Real answer: Absolutely not.

I've moved across the country multiple times in the past 10 years which is a good way to take stock in your physical possessions and realize what you do and do not need. I try my hardest to get rid of all of the stuff in my life that isn't necessary. I hate bringing new things into my home that don't serve a function. I make myself wait on all purchases that are going to sit around my home, whether they're $5 or $500, because I want to seriously consider the resources and space that I want to use up. I'm sick of moving and taking care of things that I don't actually care about.

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I like physical copies of large games like Shogun 2. I do not want to download a 24 GB game, but for smaller games buying on Steam, XBLA or PSN has never really been a problem, and It's usually cheaper. I don't want to spend extra money to buy disk based games I already have digitally.

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yes and no

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I think it would be neat if you only had a hand full of games to display. I personally have over 230 steam games and if I couldn't display all of them, then I'd display none.

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I can see why someone might want to, but I have zero desire to do such a thing. A few of the major things I love about my Steam library are that it barely costs me anything, it doesn't take up any physical space, and that accessing games just requires double-clicking a game title.

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I tend to just forget about the game case's and end up mixing the wrong disc's in most my console stuff i get, sometimes some collector editions are kind of nice ish to have but even then most of them are terrible and come with a boring art book which i look through once then never touch again, i think i have one maybe two PC games on disc. I just imagine if i had all my music on cd's still no thanks, the convenience to just stop and start up something else in seconds and to just click n buy and try out whatever i want without having to go and look at a wall of game case's while ive got an internet tab elsewhere checking it out before i grab it is kind of awesome.

The only media i buy and want a physical copy of is my manga books.

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If I ever feel a need to have a physical copy of a game in my Steam collection, I'll go out and buy one. I already have Half-Life 1 Anthology and Orange Box boxes sitting on my shelf being completely useless, and I'm not interested in making even more of them.

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I've purchased empty cases with box art on eBay for games I've got via places like GameStop without a case so I know the feelin. But then again a case of some sort is necessary for a console game and not so much so for your PC. Another good alternative that I have found is cataloging my media in digitally, generally in apps on my phone. Now when I want to browse my games I use my Video Games Manager app, can scroll through box art and read disriptions on games from ALL of my consoles. Really though the only advice I am certain about is GET RAYMAN.

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If I did that, I wouldn't have anywhere my house to sleep, let alone play games.

Also burning backup CD/DVDs? This ain't 2005 no mo, we got massive and inexpensive flash drives now.

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No!!!!! I hate having a shelf full of games. It's one of the many reasons I detest console gaming so much; the space required to keep all the games.

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No, definitely not. Like other guys have said wish I could get rid of the ones I still had. I now get aggravated when I have to dig though my tub of games. Back in the day cheap hard disk space broke me on wanting to keep my tons of CDs around forever like some librarian, Steam did the same for me for PC games. Have repurchased games I had discs of just to have easy access to them on Steam because now I feel like those are the more permanent versions of those.

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Actually, yes, I am thinking of doing it: but keeping all of the backups on DVD's in a cake DVD box.

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