Buying a game on Steam, only to see it on sale days later...!

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#51 Posted by spiceninja (3212 posts) -

Like many others I bought Torchlight for $20 only to see it drop to $5 a few days later. It hurt but I felt better knowing that I supported the devs a bit more by giving them more money.

I also once bought a character pack for Marvel Ultimate Alliance for $10 after waiting for what felt like years for it to become the Deal of the Week. The next week it was dropped to $5 for DOTW. To this day I think that me buying it reminded Microsoft that it existed and they dropped the price. Or maybe it was just bad timing on my part. It still hurt though.

#52 Posted by WilliamRLBaker (4941 posts) -

I always wait for the holidays to purchase stuff on steam thats usually when you can get it cheapest.

#53 Posted by mandude (2706 posts) -

Bought Metro 2033 for $20, and the very next day it was $5. :(

#54 Posted by TrespassersWill (2 posts) -

Bought Skyrim Legendary Edition for $50. Went on sale 3 days later for $12. So Sad.

#55 Posted by TheHT (13665 posts) -


#56 Edited by SSully (5078 posts) -

If I really want a game, I usually buy it within the first month or two of release. If that passes and I have an desire to play it I always wait, because it ALWAYS goes on a steam sale or something.

So if the game you are about to buy is older, then wait. If its new, go for it.

#57 Posted by SpaceCouncil (916 posts) -

oh the darkness behind waiting

#58 Edited by billymagnum (889 posts) -

you sir have paid the price of impatience. you are no deal hunter. be gone from my chambers.

#59 Posted by bybeach (5385 posts) -

I seem to have a regret like this, also. But it's the way the dice roll. And for the big Steam events, always wait till the final day to make sure they roll a flash sale on you.

#61 Posted by BabyChooChoo (6145 posts) -

Doesn't really bother me. Any game I buy at full price is a game I really want to play and, at the risk of sounding all snobby and shit, has a developer that I want to support as much as possible.

#62 Posted by Armoes (83 posts) -

Been there, done that. I tell myself I'm supporting the developer.

#63 Posted by Pezen (2000 posts) -

I haven't really had something go on sale very shortly after I've bought something. But even if I did, I don't really care either way. As long as I found the purchase worthy of the sum it was asking at the time I bought it I'm all good.

#65 Posted by pinner458 (1171 posts) -

At least the spammer above me got the thread bumped.

Twice now its happened to me where I've bought a game on XBLA only for it to be announced as free with gold a few days later. Such a bummer.

#66 Posted by deadshot_52 (74 posts) -

Yeah, a few months ago, I bought Universe Sandbox for its regular price. Only to see that it's on sale, 75% off practically a day later. I was kinda mad at first but I got over it.

#68 Posted by Superkenon (1611 posts) -


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