Do buy games that are sale just for the sake of having them?

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Posted by mordukai (7795 posts) 1 year, 4 months ago

Poll: Do buy games that are sale just for the sake of having them? (331 votes)

Hell Yea. 62%
Heavens No. 16%
Shut the fuck up Donny! 22%

I noticed this growing trend with me ever since I built my PC. Every time a game goes on sale, or Steam is having one of their major sales event then I will buy game just for the sake of having them on my list. I am fully aware I will never play them or ever get around to playing but it's just gives me a warm feeling knowing that they are on my list.

Are you also a victim of this addiction? Maybe there's a support group in my area for Steam addicts.

#1 Edited by BabyChooChoo (5177 posts) -

Nope. I buy games I actually intend to play. Sadly, like many people, I don't ever really get to around to playing all those games I buy during sales lol, but every game on my list is something I actually want to play.

#2 Posted by RoarImaDinosaur (195 posts) -

I used to just buy the publisher packs with everything in them. Now I pretty much own everything I want and don't really participate in the sales. I buy new releases day 1 so I already own the games that interest me.

#3 Posted by Colourful_Hippie (4812 posts) -

I've done that a couple times which I'm sure Steam is more than happy with, but the vast majority of my purchases were because I had an interest in playing the game some time in the future

#4 Posted by TruthTellah (9630 posts) -

I like buying games either because I want to play them soon or I want to support the developer that made an interesting-looking game.

A lot of people complain about all of the games they don't get around to playing, but I think people should also realize how they have been supporting the game industry in all of that. And it's thanks to further investment that the games they -do- play and enjoy come out. So, while it's nice to play most of your games, don't feel too bad if you just get a lot of games. Even on sale, you're supporting games and the industry. :)

#5 Posted by mlarrabee (3206 posts) -

If I have extra dirty money, I'll throw it down on a game I'm interested in. Some people collect stamps, I collect personal game licenses.

#6 Edited by ZolRoyce (1005 posts) -

I'll buy games that I know will take months or years to play, but do have intentions of playing them. The only games that are on my steam that I have no intention of playing are left overs from humble bundles, and even then I might actually play them too, maybe, one day, the day when I finish all other games and they are all that remains.
So never.

#7 Posted by jkz (4068 posts) -

I did that one year through all the steam sales. Now I have everything, so I don't do that anymore.

#8 Edited by TheSouthernDandy (4010 posts) -

I chose C just cause it made me laugh. But no I'll only buy a game if I know there's at least a pretty good chance I'm gonna play it at some point.

#9 Edited by Tearhead (2382 posts) -

Sometimes, sure. I always have the intention of trying them out, though. My general rule is that when it's on sale for $5 or less, it's so cheap that I don't feel too bad if I never touch it.

#10 Posted by HatKing (6407 posts) -

I said shut the fuck up because changing the subject is all I can do to not think about how I've blown, probably, close to three hundred dollars on games in the past month, most of which I'll probably never see the fucking credits roll on. Oh man. Buying games reminds me I have a heartbeat.

#11 Posted by Beforet (2987 posts) -

Not without a job I don't.

#12 Posted by triclops41 (27 posts) -

I have taken to buying games on stream that I enjoyed on consoles, just out of respect.

But yeah, I play about 70% of the game I buy. I want to play them all, but stupid real life intrudes!

#13 Edited by TheManWithNoPlan (6263 posts) -

Only for games I really value. For example, i just bought The Walking Dead season 1 for 6 bucks on Steam.

#14 Posted by crithon (3518 posts) -

when the price is 3 bucks, movie ticket prices aren't that cheap any more.

#15 Posted by alwaysbebombing (1831 posts) -

No, I'm very careful with all my purchases.

#16 Posted by afabs515 (1425 posts) -

Unfortunately, yeah.

#17 Edited by Pr1mus (4097 posts) -

Less and less every year. I need to buy a lot less games because my play time and capacity to maintain interest in any games long enough nowadays is terrible.

#18 Edited by ShotgunLincoln (360 posts) -

I usually utter something along the lines of "It'd be crazy NOT to buy it at this price!" and click away.

#19 Posted by ajamafalous (12365 posts) -
#20 Posted by Breadfan (6803 posts) -

I tell myself that I will play them one day, but that is a complete lie.

#21 Posted by MonetaryDread (2336 posts) -

It all depends on the price. I picked up Y's 1+2 a few minutes ago because it was $3 for the both of em. Those games are worth spending that kind of money on them.

#22 Posted by L1GHTN1N (719 posts) -

I very rarely buy a game that I have no interest in ever playing unless it's part of a bundle. However I do re-buy games that I own on disc so I can get a digital copy/PC version when they go on sale for a hefty discount such as Morrowind, Max Payne, KOTOR, Thief and a few others. I've also bought games that I really enjoyed but didn't previously own, usually because I rented or borrowed the game such as LA Noire and Prince of Persia 2008 (also have my eye on Enslaved if it gets discounted during this sale). I like to think I'll go back and play them at some point even if it's just to remember why I enjoyed them in the first place and usually I play at least an hour of them, but there's certainly a few I've never touched and probably never will.

Oh well.

#23 Posted by Devil240Z (3854 posts) -

I used to buy a ton of games on sale. Then never really played most of them. now I am trying to only buy stuff that I really want.

#24 Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials (2525 posts) -

I buy a lot fewer games on sale now that I've started saying "Can I wait until the next time this is on sale to play it?"

The answer is always yes.

#25 Posted by Hunter5024 (6291 posts) -

I keep a word document full of every game that I am interested in playing, I update it constantly both adding and removing as I see fit. I basically only buy games on that list. If there is a sale though sometimes I'll look into the games and decide that I'd like to own one of them, especially on GOG.

#26 Posted by Tom_omb (479 posts) -

I have many games on backlog that I might never get to, but I will never admit defeat and say I absolutely will never play them. The games I buy are meant to be played, not to sit on a shelf gathering dust, literally or digitally.

#27 Posted by mpgeist (655 posts) -

I'm almost always interested in playing the games I buy. The problem is that when I buy them for so little money, I find actually putting aside time to play them very difficult.

#28 Posted by DarenWasteland (56 posts) -

i used to buy a bunch of games earlier this year but lately ive been only buying games that i really want to play now, not maybe possibly at some point

#29 Posted by probablytuna (4126 posts) -

Well I generally buy the games that I have interest in and want to play but I also follow the rule of "if it's not 75% off, I'm not buying it" to save myself from buying too many games during the sale.

#30 Posted by BulletproofMonk (2734 posts) -

No, but that doesn't mean I play every game I buy.

#31 Posted by insane_shadowblade85 (1620 posts) -

Nope, I buy games that interest me when they're on sale. The sales, however, persuade me to buy games that I normally wouldn't buy since I'm only mildly interested in them. Chivalry Medieval Warfare is a good example of this. I thought it looked like fun but I couldn't see myself paying more than $10 for it and I ended up buying it yesterday when it was around $6.

#32 Posted by Humanity (11378 posts) -

Sometimes but I like to fake it by thinking "oh I'll play it when nothing new is out" but I never do.

#33 Posted by TheJohn (566 posts) -

As a much younger man I had a somewhat relaxed relationship with, you know, paying for stuff. So know, as an adult with money, I like to buy shit that I enjoyed for free as a kid. But I'll admit, I also buy a buttload of crap that I'll never even get close to finishing.

#34 Posted by PenguinDust (12767 posts) -

Everything I buy I intend to some point, hopefully.

So far, I haven't been too successful as the number of unplayed versus played games in my Steam library is highly disproportionate.

I think I am going to quit yammering on here and go play something right now.

#35 Posted by JeanLuc (3794 posts) -

In rare cases. For example, I played Gone Home a while back with my cousin when he bought it and enjoyed it greatly. If it goes on sale I plan on buying it just to support the developers.

#36 Posted by Village_Guy (2756 posts) -

Hell no. I can't buy anything from Steam anyway, since they don't accept "Dankort" - and for some reason mine doesn't also count as a Visa like most of them do.

#37 Posted by StarvingGamer (8988 posts) -

Typically only for older PC games that I've already played. Games like KotOR that I probably won't play again but maybe?

#38 Posted by RecSpec (4543 posts) -

I'll buy it if there's a chance I'll play it one day. Do I play all of those games? Nope.

#39 Edited by Microshock (348 posts) -

No. A dollar is a dollar. If I'm not actively interested in playing that game, then I won't buy it. None of this nonsense about saving it for later. If you want it later, then buy it later when it'll probably be even cheaper. I also don't give one shit about supporting developers, because as an individual, your one contribution to their bank account doesn't do anything. The market either goes a certain way towards a product or it doesn't. You don't matter in it.

#40 Posted by Andorski (5456 posts) -

I recently bought Machinarium on the Steam Holiday sale even though I've played through the game multiple times before. Although, IIRC, the copy that I originally played was pirated. So I just paid for something that I should have bought in the first place.

#41 Edited by Chop (2010 posts) -

I want to play everything I buy but...yeahhhh, it never ends up that way.

#42 Posted by Spoonman671 (4977 posts) -

Yep. Who knows, maybe one day I'll even play them.

No I won't.

#43 Posted by Dalai (7763 posts) -

@breadfan said:

I tell myself that I will play them one day, but that is a complete lie.

This sums up my feelings to the letter.

#44 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

I used to. Now I have a library of hundreds of games that I don't play. So I haven't bought anything on this Steam sale so far. I did drop 40 bucks on GOG though, they have a great sale on pretty much everything.

#45 Edited by gike987 (1811 posts) -

Used to but I don't do it as much anymore. I still re-buy old games on steam just in case I would one day want to play them again, so I don't have to find the discs.

#46 Posted by Xeiphyer (5679 posts) -

I used to, but then I bought all the games. So I can't do it anymore.

#47 Posted by believer258 (12688 posts) -

When I click the buy button, I intend to play whatever game I'm buying.

But that's when I click the buy button. I'm likely never going to play all of the games that I have.

#48 Edited by Dujun (62 posts) -

Sometimes, often when it is a game that I have played before but never paid for. Other than that I usually buy with the intent to play, but that does not always happen.

#49 Posted by MB (13911 posts) -

I'm pissed that Steam isn't available to take my money for games I don't actually want! When the store comes back online I'll have to double down on my sale impulse buys to make up for this unfortunate episode.

#50 Posted by exfate (458 posts) -

Generally I only buy games I actually am interested in playing before hand. I do buy some of the really really cheap indie or retro game sales though, where the game is already cheap then they give a massive discount, just for the sake of it. It almost seems rude not to.

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