Do buy games that are sale just for the sake of having them?

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Posted by mordukai (7837 posts) 1 year, 9 months ago

Poll: Do buy games that are sale just for the sake of having them? (331 votes)

Hell Yea. 62%
Heavens No. 16%
Shut the fuck up Donny! 22%

I noticed this growing trend with me ever since I built my PC. Every time a game goes on sale, or Steam is having one of their major sales event then I will buy game just for the sake of having them on my list. I am fully aware I will never play them or ever get around to playing but it's just gives me a warm feeling knowing that they are on my list.

Are you also a victim of this addiction? Maybe there's a support group in my area for Steam addicts.

#51 Posted by bobafettjm (1813 posts) -

Ummm...of course not, I would never do that....

#52 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

I did when I I had a bunch of expendable cash. Not so much recently.

#53 Posted by MyNiceIceLife (671 posts) -

The games I buy are usually ones that I plan to play. Whether I actually get around to playing them is another thing. Then again how can you pass up Super Hexagon for 29 cents even if I don't plan on ever playing it?

#54 Posted by demonknightinuyasha (523 posts) -

I would buy something if I'm interested in playing it and it's on sale, even if I know I probably won't get to it any time soon. With how often games go on sale though, especially on steam, I've done that less in the last couple years compared to the past. Then again, I used to do that will full price games too >-> (still sometimes do, bought all 3 Op Rainfall games when they came out, have yet to actually put one of them in my Wii >_>;;;) I'd never buy a game without having some interest in it though, that's just crazy.

#55 Posted by GoldROCK (133 posts) -

I'll buy almost any game under $5.00 if it sparks any interest at all. Steam sales would be my achilles heel, if mine weren't made of gold.

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#57 Posted by ch3burashka (5925 posts) -

Sometimes, if it's really cheap and I care a bit about the game itself.

#58 Posted by TobbRobb (5326 posts) -

Not new games. But I have bought a bunch of old games just to have them. Sometimes just because I felt like they could deserve some extra credit, and sometimes because I just wanted to contribute after playing something in the older days of low disposable income "read, I pirated or bought used". One of the liberties of earning money is that I can go back and make up for some old evil. :D

Either way, yes those are bought but never going to get played. But I wouldn't do that with something I haven't played before.

#59 Edited by sqrabbit (143 posts) -

Only time I've done that was for Super Hexagon a couple of days ago. 29 cents is begging for you to try/buy it.

#60 Posted by Nictel (2666 posts) -

This is the first Steam Sale where I haven't bought anything because I still have a ton of games from previous sales that I need to play and PS+ is feeding me even more games. So I haven't been feeding my addiction these couple of days AND I FEEL TERRIBLE ABOUT IT.

#61 Posted by EarlessShrimp (1816 posts) -

If I've beaten a game on 360 or something like that and I just want another copy laying around since I got rid of my old one... I'll usually buy one of those on my computer for the sake of it. It's kinda like when I buy the Elder Scrolls games. Always console first then PC when it's on sale/has lots of cool mods.

#62 Posted by Gamer_152 (14325 posts) -

No, I just don't have cash to burn by buying things I don't want.

#63 Edited by afabs515 (1509 posts) -

Just bought Terraria yesterday knowing I would hate it. But it was 2.50, so how could I pass it up. Played 2 minutes of it. Will never open it again.

#64 Posted by Amafi (1255 posts) -

I mainly do that on buying old games I used to own just so I have a digital copy in case I ever feel like going back and playing simon the sorcerer 3D. Of course, I never do.

I've never bought a game on steam I wasn't interested in playing, unless you count something like ricochet coming in the orange box or whatever.

#65 Posted by ryanwhom (291 posts) -

That was something I used to do. But once you start moving around a lot you just dont have the space to be collecting bullshit you dont need. Finances are an issue too. I do have a handful of gamecube games I never played because they were practically free, but I've never been the kind of person who needed to get a 60 dollar game day 1 then just let it collect dust.

#66 Edited by Cybertification (222 posts) -

I will probably buy Bioshock for 1 euro at some point just so that I can play it through without paying any attention to it just so that I can say that System Shock 2 is better.

So yes, I do.

#67 Posted by brandonhines (5 posts) -

I use to buy digital games when they were on sale on a service I liked, but I stopped. There was a time when you didn't know if something would go on sale again and that time has long passed. Steam and PlayStation Network have been great with frequent sales on and price drops. I generally only buy something I plan on playing within the next three months or so.

#68 Edited by Chaser324 (7414 posts) -

Kinda. I will occasionally repurchase games I already own on other platforms without necessarily having any intention to play them in the near term. There are also plenty of occasions where I buy a game and just never get around to playing it.

#69 Posted by Krockett (513 posts) -

If your gonna put an option like that on your poll....I WILL CLICK IT EVERY TIME! lol

#70 Edited by Fattony12000 (8007 posts) -

It's all a game.

#71 Posted by MormonWarrior (2851 posts) -

I've had to stop. I keep doing that with Humble Bundles and Steam sales and I don't have a PC worth a crap to play the games on. It's like I know I'll get around to Tomb Raider eventually, but right now I just can't. It's annoying.

#72 Posted by Rxanadu (594 posts) -

I'm contemplating buying GTA IV and Euro Truck Simulator 2 just because they're on sale. Neither of them have Steam Cloud support, but they've intrigued me just enough to think about buying them.

Those mods in GTA IV... so dumb

#73 Posted by ArtisanBreads (5555 posts) -

Send me the games you aren't playing

#74 Posted by Galiant (2222 posts) -

I used to. Now I put them on my wish list instead and only purchase a game if I intend to play it right away.

#75 Edited by Budwyzer (786 posts) -

Humble Bundle.

Usually there is atleast one game that I have an interest in atleast trying, but then I go ahead and add the rest of the games to my Steam account as well. And generally never even get around to playing the game that I bought the bundle for in the first place. I bought a bundle with Saints Row: The Third in it over a month ago and only just got around to installing it yesterday, though still haven't played it.

But hey, Charity.

216 games.

Scrolled about halfway down to get to items that I have no play time on, when sorted by playtime.

And 0.1 hours is about as much as anyone should put into DungeonLand, so I'm counting that as played.

Though we also have Swords & Soldiers on the iPad, where it's actually possible to play head-to-head locally.

#76 Posted by Evilsbane (5226 posts) -

@crithon said:

when the price is 3 bucks, movie ticket prices aren't that cheap any more.

Yep, I wasn't dead set on it but Splunkey for 3 bucks? Fuck it. And Titan Quest I already owned it, but not the expansion pack and I lost my disc so..yay 3 dollars!

#77 Edited by Superkenon (1583 posts) -

I'm a Steam hoarder with good intentions.

#78 Edited by noizy (874 posts) -

I love the subtle distinction people are making between "I buy them with the intention of playing them, but often time don't get to them" vs. "buying them just to own them". I get the whole idea of "well they're on sale now, and they might not be when I feel like playing that specific game", but that's the crux of the fallacy; most games go back on sale within a few months, so why buy them now if you're not going to play them now? However you rationalize it we're sorta buying games just to own them if they don't get played. By the way, I'm saying all this because I'm so guilty of doing this as well. No judging. :)

#80 Posted by ripelivejam (7130 posts) -

i buy gaem

#81 Edited by amani (51 posts) -

I actually had a few game on my "really need to play those once my pc doesn't suck shit" list. Now my pc sucks 80% less fecal matter and I'm only 5% poorer than I was a week ago. Steam sales and the Humble Store are alright.

#83 Posted by Nightriff (6583 posts) -

Yes I do that, I hope to play them all in some way or another (whether beating them or giving them a chance) but I am a realist, Just Cause 1 is never going to get played and 2 will be the same at the rate I can play games nowadays.

#84 Posted by fisk0 (5605 posts) -

I don't buy just any game on sale, but stuff I think I'd may be interested to try out some time in the future, sure. You never know when the game suddenly is pulled from Steam or whatever, or if your personal economy will change to the worse. Better to buy it when you can afford it, and it's available than to wait until that changes.

#85 Posted by Clonedzero (4206 posts) -

No, im not an idiot. I only buy games i have full intention of playing when im able to. (when its down downloading/arrives at my house)

#86 Posted by Dragon_Fire (375 posts) -

I only buy games I will play. But back in the past I did buy the THQ Pack that had a whole bunch of games I won't play, but I learned from that to not buy packs.

#87 Edited by jaycrockett (626 posts) -

The Steam Summer sale was the first one I really got into, and I did end up with some games I'll probably never play. Had the best of intentions though.

For the Christmas sale, I was more controlled, I only bought two games. (One of which I've played already.)

#88 Posted by GERALTITUDE (4864 posts) -

lol as soon as I read the thread title I thought HELL YEA

and whaddaya know, first option.

For the record I do want to play them too.

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