Dude, what the...?

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Today I was prompted with restarting Steam to apply an update. I clicked on 'Restart Steam' and so Steam restarted. The Steam window opened and I noticed I was in offline mode, so I changed it to online mode. But I was still offline. So I exited and opened Steam, still offline. Restarted my comp, still offline. Restarted my router, still offline. What has happened?

I'm asking GB because the Steam support doesn't recognize my account at all. No matter what, it'll say my account doesn't exist. So, what's wrong?

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Click on the Contact Support button located on the right side of any Steam Support page to create a Steam Support account which is separate from your Steam account. Do not attempt to enter your Steam account information for the Steam Support system, as it will not work.


Your Steam account is for games, your support account is for asking questions. They're two things so if you haven't created two accounts they your account isn't recognised on Steam Support because you don't have a support account.

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@TEHMAXXORZ: i believe that simply the steam servers where down.. as they tend to do A LOT lately

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Silly newbie

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@F33L said:

@TEHMAXXORZ: i believe that simply the steam servers where down.. as they tend to do A LOT lately

Firstly, this was the first time it had ever happened in around 3 years, and secondly, this topic is 3 months old...

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@TEHMAXXORZ: we only agree about the 2nd part, and since 1) it was NOT properly answered 2) not locked i thought i could reply

anyways dont worry i wont reply to a topic of urs ever again :)

you are welcome

as for sackman i wont even bother

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