Every Cent Counts: How much did you spend on the Steam Summer Sale 2012?

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Final day of the summer sale, time to count our losses. How much did you guys end up spending on this sale? I only bought four games (Stacking, Divine Divinity, Brink and Krater), all for €24.06. I'm pretty happy with my purchases, considering the fact that I already had most of the daily and flash deals.

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I easily spent around $170 in celebration of my new PC.

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This year I actually didn't buy anything.

The last two years, including summer and christmas sales, I've bought games that I haven't even touched, or only played for 10 mins before going "wtf did I buy this for?"

I guess I learned from my mistakes and matured. Also the fact that I'm unemployed right now and put a €20 budget on the sales probably has something to do with it. Might save that €20 for pre-ordering Torchlight II instead.. That would probably make me happier.

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I spent about 50$ and I'm not sure why. None of the other sales ever hit me this hard before. Must have been all the flash sales that made me check the store page more than usual. Most of it was indie games (along with metro 2033, hard reset, and both Ys games)

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Not really sure. I just bought things that seemed interesting to me. I doubt anyone wants to me to list everything, so here.

My "highlights" of the purchases are: Dungeon Siege III, Krater, Civilization V GOTY, Metro 2033,Splinter Cell Conviction, Dawn of War II: Retribution, and Revenge of the Titans.

Surprisingly enough, I have spent the most time with Revenge of the Titans at the moment. It's such a fun tower-defence game. I purchased a total of 25 games throughout the sale, but those are the ones I am looking most forward to playing.

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$250, pretty much cleared out my wishlist.  
I'm so jealous of the newcomers to Steam, they don't have as many games as me but the value they get from the game bundles is insane. If I were to start a new Steam account I could probably rebuild what I have for a quarter of the price (and most of it was already bought at a quarter of full price!)

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I spent the huge amount of $4 dollars D: , it was for Stalker Call of Pripyat

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Can I pick F if I spent dollars, but my total still equals fewer than 200 Euros? I don't know if I can feel good about being in that top category.

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Like, £22.

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@ChadMasterFlash said:


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I already owned everything I wanted in the Steam Store AND STILL SPENT $25. Mostly as gifts.

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None, cause I'm poor. But I was gifted like 4 or 5 games from nice friends :)

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This is the year I spent the most ($70) but I'm satisfied. It could have been worse. There's always next year though!

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£ 0.00

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Fuck all, I'm skint.

So I took the opportunity to install the stuff I bought last year. I'll probably get round to playing them summer 2013.

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I bought the Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition Bundle for like $9 bucks. Totally worth it. Absolute classic.

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97€ for 18 games total. Not too bad. Might get some small extra purchase before the whole thing ends tomorrow.

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$72.94. $29.98 of which is Sims 3 stuff that I just got today.

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$60.34, 5 games, 7 pieces of DLC.

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I bought around $100 worth of games. I had never had a good PC during a summer sale before...I spent way more than I should have. Oh well, I got a good stockpile of games now.

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This Summer Sale was a real swing and a miss for me, even though I had way more disposable income this time than last. The only thing worth noting that I got was The Thief Collection. On top of Beyond Good & Evil and some DLC I think I spent less than $20. If I didn't it wasn't much more.

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I bought Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Divinity II.
My cash cap was $60 so I did a lot better than I thought I would (or worse if you consider I didn't get many games).

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Terraria - $2.49

Frozen Synapse Two Pack - $4.99

Hitman Collection - $6.24

Grand Theft Auto III Trilogy - $7.49

Total - $21.21

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$72 for me.

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About a dollar over $50.

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D. $75.

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I don't know what all those weird numbers in yen are but I spent about 150 dollars. 79 of that was on Sims 3.

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I've spent 885 DKK ($145/€119), yet it feels like I've spent double.

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Borderlands GOTY = £4.99

Fallout New Vegas Ultimate = £7.49

Krater = £5.99

The Longest Journey + Dreamfall = £3.74

Total War Mega Pack = £8.74

Grand Theft Auto Complete Pack = £4.99

Total = £35.94 / $56.13 in the new money

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$24.99, I bought one game only.

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