Game all red, and in 3D I think? Overlay too HELP!!

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Hi all, over the weekend with a sale I got Lego Marvel Super Heroes on steam. I downloaded it over the night, and I got up this morning to try it out. Well when I load it up EVERYTHING IS RED [I have only gotten to the main menu so far, it hurts my eyes to look at it too long]. Everything. Also it all has an effect on it as if it is like old Red and Blue glasses 3D on everything. Whats more, if I open up the steam overlay, THAT is all crazy too. It is all red and seethrough in a way that is nearly unreadable..

I attempted to take a screenshot, but when I take a screenshot, the screen looks completely normal for some crazy reason.

So here is a picture of my monitor from my phone, as for some reason it is the only way a screenshot sees this [I have no idea why!!]

There is the same screen that I screenshotted, but as you can see what it really looks like, but the screenshot doesn't capture. NONE of my other steam games are having this problem I have loaded all up and they are fine. Heck I even loaded up an old Lego Harry potter game I have on steam and it isn't having this same problem. I have no idea what is wrong, I should have no problem running this game, I have run far more intensive games with my system specs [I have a good processor, decent ram, and a GTX 770 should be plenty....] Not sure what is going on please help =(

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Looks like the situation has been resolved, based on the user's other duplicate thread. Locking this down.


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