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So, It's been a long time since I've used Steam. I'm buying a new computer soon, and want to access my old account, which has all of my purchased games, and my stats in those games. I've run into a problem, though: I can't access it. I've attempted entering every e-mail I've ever had in the "send lost password" box, but it doesn't recognize any of them. The computer which I once used the account on is dead, so I can't use it to figure things out. Anybody know what I can do to try and access the account? I tracked down my page here. It doesn't appear to have any useful information, though. 
Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Ok I am having this problem as we speak. Bump for great justice.

I can log into Steam because it remembers my pass. But I can't change it. Steam doesn't recognize my username or email! I can't send a support ticket because they want my pass! wtf

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Still investigating the matter. I contacted Steam support, but I need information from the credit card used to buy the games. It was my mother's card, and I think the last purchase I made was the Orange Box in 2007. She lost the card and got a new one.  
Anyone have any solutions?
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