How cheap is bandwidth for Steam?

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During the steam summer sale, I paid 2$ for 3-5 gig games that I can delete and re-download over and over again, it made me wonder if steam will eventually lose money on bandwidth cost from all the re-download over time. Could they start charging for additional downloads?

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No don't be silly. Think about how much data Valve streams out to users. Even if you dedicated your PC nonstop to installing and reinstalling games every minute of every day for a year, it would barely be a drop in the ocean of Steam downloads.

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With games getting bigger and bigger and smaller SSD hard drives getting more popular, I am still wandering if it will have an impact on steam.

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Steam probably has a) many different data centers spread across the globe and b) the absolute top-tier internet that money can possible buy.

Yes, it costs them a lot of money to keep this up, but they make a whole lot more money than they spend. I can guarantee this because they're a successful business.

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I think there is this outright far-fetched idea that bandwidth really costs a lot of money to larger companies. It's almost as silly as thinking that if everyone on the planet recycled everyday, it would account for less than a percent of what companies can recycle - making it completely pointless.

TL;DR: Bandwidth is not expensive. Don't buy into the bullshit that your telecom companies and such feed you.

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Tubes, tubes everywhere.

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