How come I can't choose where my games are downloaded?

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So I signed up for Steam yesterday, and I wanted to download Team Fortress 2. When I tried to do so, a window popped up and said "yo you don't got enough space on your C disk son", so I went into the settings and I discovered that you can't change the destination for your downloaded games. Is this for real, or am I missing something? I've managed to make enough space on my C disk, but I would still rather it downloaded games to a different disk.

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There's a program (which I can't remember the name of) that lets you choose on which drives you want your games on. Do some Google-Fu on that. 
Personally I did THIS, and moved everything onto a 2TB drive. 

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I know this doesn't help your situation after the fact, but it's a lot easier to spare a half TB drive solely for games, and just point Steam at it from the outset.

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Steam Games install to your Steam directory.

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Yeah, Steam is pretty shitty at stuff like that. All your games have to be in the steam directory. You can't spread your games across multiple drives.

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That's why I install Steam in my Games directory on D:

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