How exactly does the "Top Sellers" thing work?

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Question is in the title. I'm wondering how they rank the Top Sellers list. There has got to be some kind of time frame that resets the list or something.

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The games that sell the most...makes the list. Simple really.
Edit: I love the simplistic way i defined the simplistic mechanics of the top sellers thing on steam.

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@TheDudeOfGaming said:
The game that sells the most...makes the list. Simple really.
Somehow I don't think it's that simple. I mean, shouldn't then one game that outsells every other game be on that list forever? And how is Dead Island now beating Deus Ex? Also, those games that go on sale (For ridiculously low prices) somehow manage to trump over pricier games that have been on the top for some time. That can't be right.
There are dark forces at work here.
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Gabe Newell throws a knife at a dart board, with game names instead of points, and the game it lands on becomes Top Seller. Obviously.

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I recall reading that is actually as simple as that. They base it on how much money it makes, and not how many units are sold over the course of a week. Whenever a game gets close to release it's always in the top spot for that week because everyone starts buying it then. Dues Ex came out a few weeks ago, so it's not selling as much this week as it did others.

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Average purchases per day? The list updates after 24 hours, thats why games that were on sale and hit the top of the list are still there the next morning when they're at full price.

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I think it has to be updated daily. I've noticed the effect of a Daily/Midweek/Weekend Deal for a good game reflected on the Top Sellers pretty quickly.

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