How many games do you have on your steam list?

#101 Posted by DeathByWaffle (705 posts) -

I only have 47 games, I do most of my gaming on the 360.

#102 Posted by Jasta (2232 posts) -

225 and counting.

If I had bought every game at retail price (which I did not) my account would be worth £1661.38.

£1.6k on PC games alone. =|

#103 Posted by jonnybob (181 posts) -

97, with about 60 installed, indie bundles are to blame

#104 Posted by devilzrule27 (1241 posts) -

4 and 2 of those are civilization games.

#105 Posted by RareMonkey (122 posts) -

306, and going to rise this week for sure with the amazon, steam and gmg sales

#106 Posted by crusader8463 (14755 posts) -

310 with 40 installed.

#107 Posted by Danteveli (1314 posts) -

Around 460 with 76 installed

#108 Posted by shrinerr (158 posts) -

293 ,8 installed. hope to get to 300 by end of year.

#109 Posted by Fearbeard (865 posts) -


I've probably only played half of them, if that.

#110 Posted by believer258 (12972 posts) -

I've got 66 now, in contrast to the 33 I had before. I've also built a gaming computer since then and bought a whole lot more games. Here's a link, but that link says 101 because it includes DLC.

#111 Posted by BillyTheKid (535 posts) -

102 apparently. It did help that I bought all of the Square and Eidos games during the summer. Deus Ex :3

#112 Posted by Krakn3Dfx (2706 posts) -


Don't judge me.

#113 Posted by aznjon12 (201 posts) -

I only have 2 game with 1 of them installed.

I'm a failure.

#114 Posted by Grillbar (1977 posts) -

82 so not that many byt all installed just in case

#115 Posted by Stealthy_Cardinal (5 posts) -

Sadly I only have one right now. Just got into Pc gaming and I should have some more if the Black Friday sales are any good.

#116 Posted by MikeydCT (733 posts) -

I have 5 as of now, low due to I don't have a gaming PC. Going to buy a pre build soon May buy 1 or 2 games on sale?

#117 Posted by EquitasInvictus (2067 posts) -

103; I try to keep a healthy balance between my PC and console games.

#118 Edited by PhantomGardener (500 posts) -

177. Many of them who I have only played for like 15-60 min.

#119 Posted by LeYcH (221 posts) -

65 games in all, technically only 47 because everything else either a beta or a mac version. 43 installed.

#120 Edited by DarthOrange (4125 posts) -
#121 Posted by nabokovfan87 (220 posts) -

489 games owned, 370 DLC (? no idea how this happened) in the profile.

On my games tab...

492 Owned

90 Installed.

#122 Posted by GERALTITUDE (4550 posts) -

It must be really sweet to be valve.

#123 Edited by Haruko (463 posts) -
#124 Posted by WickedFather (1694 posts) -

Eets, Shank. I finished Eets.

#125 Posted by rodlima (2 posts) -

786 owned.

#126 Posted by ShockD (2486 posts) -

121. Most of them from bundles or giveaways.

#127 Posted by Scampbell (504 posts) -


#128 Edited by slyspider (1568 posts) -

214, 63 installed

#129 Posted by W1ck3d (29 posts) -

144 and played most of them.

#130 Posted by SomeguyJohnson (116 posts) -

269 games, played maybe half for more than an hour.

#131 Posted by SpaceCouncil (644 posts) -

288, more than half installed

#132 Posted by SpaceCouncil (644 posts) -

288, more than half installed

#133 Posted by BambamCZ (152 posts) -

waaaay too many...532 as of now. When the bundles started it began to grow uncontrolably.

#134 Edited by noizy (829 posts) -

Around 400, played about half (some only to say "fuck that thing"). Most of the filler comes from buying a bundles for maybe two worthwhile games out of dozen (sometimes out of sheer boredom). I always liked to try games, good or bad. I'm more selective in my bundle purchases these days.

#135 Edited by hans_maulwurf (134 posts) -

134, although that includes such amazing titles like counter-strike: condition zero deleted scenes and ricochet, so the number of actual games bought is quite a bit smaller. Got 47 installed.

#136 Posted by ChoboBot (192 posts) -

121 games, 3 currently installed.

#137 Posted by Disembodio (24 posts) -

648....I'm an idiot

#138 Edited by pinhead1 (8 posts) -

30 Games- Like 5 installed lol

#139 Edited by wewantsthering (1652 posts) -


#140 Posted by Pocky4Th3Win (146 posts) -

Game list says 834.

#141 Edited by McShank (1649 posts) -

347 games. Not surprised. I actually wish I had more games but meh, money is always the problem.

#142 Posted by _Dad (43 posts) -

204, with a Rust possibly taking me to 205.

#143 Edited by Ezekiel (771 posts) -

5. I paid for one of them. Not online, though. Next will probably be Dark Souls II and RE4.

#144 Edited by TrashMustache (562 posts) -

i have 85, but even if I had hundreds i wouldn't feel bad about it, the reason people have so many steam games is because of the insane deals so while the number might look shocking, in most cases, the money spent on them is probably not that much. Depends on your personality as well i guess. Like i played through mass effect 2 about 5 times on Xbox360 but it was on steam sale for 3 euros. Sure i'll prolly never play it again but I can't help myself. I can buy it for the price of a small sandwich. Moreover, The steam sales make me try out games i would never buy, but they come at such small prices that sometimes u just pick up a gem u never thought u'd like. And i like to think of my library as saving games for a rainy day. :)

#145 Edited by _Dad (43 posts) -

It's not just the sales; I prefer a lot of indie games over $60 AAA games.

#146 Posted by AlexW00d (6803 posts) -

I'm up to 545 and it's fucking ridiculous 'cause I only play Dota anyway. :/

#147 Posted by BigBoss1911 (2681 posts) -


#148 Posted by _Dad (43 posts) -

219. I picked up a few bundles today.

#149 Edited by Altered_Confusion (442 posts) -

135 - 10 installed, most either will never see the light of day or don't play nice with my system because of the fact that they are ancient

#150 Posted by believer258 (12972 posts) -

This says 35, but this says 33. Kind of weird, but the actual number is 33 and I only have 19 installed, and here is a pic:

with Trackmania Nations Forever rounding out that list at the bottom.

Now the former says 175 and the latter says 164. I don't buy much DLC.

And holy shit. That's a lot of games to buy in a little less than two years, only a few of which I've completed.

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