How much did you spend during the Steam Sale?

Posted by BeachThunder (13352 posts) 2 years, 7 days ago

Poll: How much did you spend during the Steam Sale? (481 votes)

0 14%
1-10 10%
11-20 10%
21-30 12%
31-40 7%
41-50 11%
51-60 7%
61-70 5%
71-80 4%
81-90 2%
91-100 3%
100+ 15%

Steam Wallet money from market transactions do not count towards your total. We're just talking about real world money that you spent - not store credit. Personally, I spent just under $27 of my own money (almost twice that including money from selling stuff on the market).

Also, for comparison, here's people's estimates from before the sale started.

#1 Edited by Animasta (14827 posts) -

oh, if steam wallet stuff doesn't count then... 49 cents; I had 20 bucks from selling cards and TF2 shit before the sale, I got a 20 dollar card of steam credit for a birthday, I sold roughly 12-15 dollars worth of stuff during the sale, and then @artelinarose got me some stuff because she's awesome <3

so yeah, only 49 cents because I only had 9.50 left and I really wanted trials.

#2 Posted by wwfundertaker (1477 posts) -

I think i spent over £50, got most of the games i wanted.

#3 Posted by Sergio (2756 posts) -

I didn't buy anything this year. I already have plenty of games to play, and this leaves some games for me to actually pick up during the winter sale.

#4 Posted by BeachThunder (13352 posts) -

@animasta said:

oh, if steam wallet stuff doesn't count then... 49 cents; I had 20 bucks from selling cards and TF2 shit before the sale, I got a 20 dollar card of steam credit for a birthday, I sold roughly 12-15 dollars worth of stuff during the sale, and then @artelinarose got me some stuff because she's awesome <3

so yeah, only 49 cents because I only had 9.50 left and I really wanted trials.

Yeah, I thought it would be a bit weird including wallet money since it's not exactly money. As far as I understand, there's no way to withdraw it, right?

#5 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (6370 posts) -

Around $60 dollars.

#6 Posted by cutyoface (577 posts) -

I spent around 70 dollars.

#7 Edited by MattyFTM (14652 posts) -

My total according to the Steam badge progress counter is $214.41.

I'm going to assume that the exchange rate is really great at the moment and that means I spent about £15. Because that makes me feel better about myself and my money.

Anyone who suggests $214 isn't £15 is lying. That's the current exchange rate.

Man, if that's the exchange rate then my Wal-mart shares are worth a freaking fortune!!!

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#8 Posted by Animasta (14827 posts) -
#9 Posted by FunkasaurasRex (855 posts) -

First steam sale with a proper PC and I spent roughly 62 bucks; about twice what I had originally planned.

#10 Posted by TheHT (12669 posts) -

I think the final tally is around $60.

#11 Edited by onarum (2556 posts) -

way too fucking much... steam is gonna be my downfall one day..

#12 Posted by PollySMPS (252 posts) -

I bought the Hotline Miami soundtrack for myself and that was around $2 or so, I think?

Then I bought 10 copies of Bad Rats and sent them to people which cost me about $4.50 because I'm the best friend ever.

#13 Posted by stri26 (35 posts) -

~$5.00. Bought CS:GO on the first day, and nothing else. Was hoping SSFIV:AE would go 75% (had a chance during a community vote, and it didn't win), so I ended up getting that on the XBLA Capcom sale. Also was hoping I could get a 75% off PC version of Rocksmith, so I wouldn't have to hog the TV while playing, but no dice.

#14 Posted by Hunkulese (2968 posts) -

I got DMC, Dishonored, Call of Jaurez, Runner 2 and Rogue Legacy. However much that costs.

#15 Posted by SongWriter1987 (153 posts) -

Around 40ish i think,

FTL: 2.50

Arkham City: 7.50

Metro Last Light: 29.99

So yeah, 40

#16 Posted by MildMolasses (3193 posts) -

Oops, I voted before reading the part about not counting store credit. I got Witcher, To The Moon, Fuel and Hotline Miami. I don't think I spent more than $2.50 on any of them, and some of that was with credit

#17 Posted by Canteu (2911 posts) -

I spent about £40 I think.

X-com + dlc, Dishonored + dlc, SoaSE: Rebellion + dlc, OF: dragon rising + red river, TWD, new vegas: the lonesome road, Sang-Froid, TBoI: WotL.

Pretty sure that's all of it.

#18 Posted by EvilNiGHTS (1169 posts) -

Came out relatively unscathed this time around. Just Cart Life, Scribblenauts, Dishonoured, and The Void (because apparently I'm an idiot).

£12.41 (less than $20).

#19 Posted by Subject2Change (2971 posts) -

Picked up 400 Days the Walking Dead DLC, not that it went on sale or anything but my backlog is already huge and I don't need to add more to it before the next Generation consoles launch.

Was considering DIshonored for a bit, but due to mixed reviews I decided against it. I feel I am going to stick with AAA titles and games I am very interested in in playing until my backlog shrinks a bit.

#20 Edited by TAFAE (193 posts) -

I spent a little bit less than $30 and got Super House of Dead Ninjas, CS:GO, Surgeon Simulator, Dust: An Elysian Tale, System Shock 2, and FEZ (with soundtrack). Self control prevails! - though I think I should have also bought The Swapper.

#21 Posted by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

I spent about $30 even. Bought a few small games and Kerbal Space Program for $15.

#22 Posted by JackSukeru (6160 posts) -

Somewhere around 30 Euro, pretty happy with the things I got too.

#23 Edited by CollegeGuyMike (399 posts) -

$0. I had everything I would've wanted that was on sale already...

#24 Posted by BaneFireLord (3105 posts) -

I spent $40, but about 11 of that consisted of me buying games for a friend without a credit card who paid me back.

#25 Posted by ConfusedOwl (1042 posts) -

71-80 I'd say. I spent more than I was originally going to but I bought a lot of great games that I will eventually play all of instead of a bunch of games I don't care about.

#26 Posted by Hamst3r (4909 posts) -

None. I have way too many Steam games already.

#27 Posted by BisonHero (8631 posts) -

I spent $90, but $40 of that was me buying a 4-pack of Chivalry ($18) + a 4-pack of Monaco ($22), for some friends who will be paying me back shortly.

So assuming my friends don't cheap out on me, I spent about $60 net.

#28 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19824 posts) -

Poll option isn't included for me. I bought 2 copies of Just Cause for a total of $0.54.

#29 Posted by Kaiserreich (825 posts) -

$35 I got from selling trading cards.

#30 Posted by myketuna (1785 posts) -

Not as much as I thought. Probably around 20-25 bucks. I already got every game I wanted in previous sales (albeit at higher prices). I don't think anyone's steam sale will ever equal that first sale with your fresh gaming PC. So many possibilities.

#31 Posted by FriendlyPhoenix (586 posts) -

I got Far Cry 3, Dark Souls, and the Rage DLC using credit I got from selling those stupid trading cards(seriously, why are people spending money on that stuff?), but never spent any actual money. I feel that after the first or second sale you go through, you kinda just stop giving a fuck about them. Or maybe that's just me.

#32 Posted by Village_Guy (2817 posts) -

A big fat zero.

#33 Edited by Rhaknar (6299 posts) -

of my own money? around 190. I spent a bit more since I sold a load of cards. Doesnt help (well it helps others lol) that most games that have a 4pack I just buy that instead of the single and gift the extras...u know, makes me feel less shitty about wasting so much money on games :P

hey man, it was that or buying a 3ds XL when I already have a regular one and never play it >_>

#34 Edited by gaminghooligan (1725 posts) -

Arkham City for 7.50

CK2 DLC for 2.50


#35 Posted by cloudymusic (1447 posts) -

Probably something like $100, but I got probably $300's worth of games out of the deal so I'm cool with it. And now I'm set in terms of new games to play for the next several months.

#36 Posted by Aquablak (229 posts) -

$5.73 on Torchlight 2 and Wizorb.

#37 Posted by AlexW00d (6824 posts) -

More than I expected to spend actually, considering I went in wanting exactly 0 games.

#38 Posted by Coafi (1519 posts) -

Around $22, I actually wanted to spend more, but I held back.

#39 Posted by Creamypies (4168 posts) -

Nothing. Learnt my lesson from previous Steam sales where I'll buy a game just because it's on sale and then never actually play it.

#40 Posted by Tesla (2029 posts) -


All the stuff I bought was at least 75% off.

#41 Posted by spazmaster666 (2080 posts) -

According to the counter, I spent about $115 dollars, which is a little more than I would have expected.

#42 Posted by TopSteer (710 posts) -

I set a limit of $50 for this sale and I barely went over by like $7 or something close to that. I picked up pretty much everything I wanted except Driver: San Francisco which didn't seem to go on sale.

#43 Posted by thebunnyhunter (1522 posts) -

$141 spent with an average of 65% off. I only expected to spend $50

Game: Steam SaleSalePrice
No Time to Explain2.509.99
Super Puzzle Platformer Delux3.997.99
The Witcher4.999.99
The Withcer 29.9919.99
Metro Last Light.0149.99
Just Cause 2 + All DLC4.7224.90
Surgeon Simulator 20133.399.99
Far Cry 22.499.99
Universe Sandbox1.999.99
FAllout 3: goty4.9919.99
Fallout New Vegas: UE4.9919.99
Portal 24.9919.99
Kerbal Space Program13.7922.99
Dishonored + All DLC16.6241.36
Sleeping Dogs Story DLC4.7218.97
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater + Revert pack11.2314.98
Rayman Origins6.7919.99
Prison Architect19.7929.99

#44 Posted by CreepingDeath0 (251 posts) -


But $35 of Steam Wallet money made from cards :P

#45 Posted by LethalKi11ler (1607 posts) -

Around 30$ and only made around 2$ :P Happy with my purchases though, especially can't wait to play FTL! Just gotta finish Fire Emblem first... and Borderlands... and Ni no Kuni... and... and...

#46 Posted by NoCookiesForYou (847 posts) -

I didn't have any budget planned and I ended up spending 153$ which was a bit more than I would have liked. No regrets though.

  • Alan Wake: American Nightmare
  • Broken Sword - Trilogy pack
  • Gemini Rue
  • Governor of Poker 2 - Premium Edition
  • Legend of Grimrock
  • Lone Survivor
  • Machinarium
  • Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes
  • Orcs Must Die 2
  • Portal + Portal 2 Bundle
  • Primordia
  • Prison Architect
  • Puzzle Agent
  • Puzzle Quest 2
  • Resonance
  • StarForge
  • Star Wars: Kotor 2
  • Syberia Collection
  • The Longest Journey
  • The Walking Dead: 400 Days
  • Trials Evolution Gold
  • Ys I and II Chronicles
#47 Posted by SharkEthic (1088 posts) -

I was dead on with my estimation, which was $61-70.

#48 Edited by SploogeStain (43 posts) -

I didn't really have any money (which is a blessing really) but I did get Cart Life and the Prison Architect Introversioner bundle (Which comes with Uplink, Darwinia/Multiwinia and DEFCOM) to add to the 100 other games I've bought on steam and have yet to play, which came to around £20 which, roughly converted is about $30 I believe. I think I might have slightly overused the word which. which.

#49 Posted by Superfriend (1655 posts) -

Was considering DIshonored for a bit, but due to mixed reviews I decided against it. I feel I am going to stick with AAA titles and games I am very interested in in playing until my backlog shrinks a bit.

Dishonored was like 10 Euros around here. I think the game is worth it- aaand it kinda is "AAA" (at least in my humble opinion).

Anyway- I went about 4 dollars over my budget of 100 bucks, but there were some amazing deals- and stupid stuff like the Dungeon Siege collection.

#50 Posted by djou (895 posts) -

$39: Gunpoint $6, Dungeons of Dredmor $1.25, Fez $5, Blood Dragon $6.75, To the Moon $3, Cities XL Platinum $7.50, Starseed Pilgrim $2.70, Antichamber $6.80.

I'm definitely getting to the point of diminishing returns. There are many games on my wishlist, but few I would actually consider playing. I'm passed the point of obsessively collecting games without any intention to installing/playing them.

I also preorder Payday 2 from Gamefly for $24. I was hoping to see a Steam discount but it didn't happen.

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