How much is your Steam library worth?

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#1 Edited by Falx (347 posts) -

I have 50 games and my account is worth $1004.50 USD (£646.77 in real money), according to steam calculator.

#2 Posted by Rockdalf (1293 posts) -

Only $660.00 for me.  I feel so inadequate.

#3 Posted by No0b0rAmA (1490 posts) -

$810.65....I have an urge to buy games to just top the list.

#4 Edited by FavoritoBandito (172 posts) -

54 Games 
   £498.373 GBP

#5 Posted by Falx (347 posts) -
@Rockdalf: It is still above average:
  • Average Games per Account: 32
  • Average Value: $470.59 USD

#6 Posted by AndrewGaspar (2419 posts) -

Mine's worth $605.70, which is more than what I actually paid for all of them. Steam deals rock!

#7 Edited by Raakill (870 posts) -

Wow, not one 750 million yet.

#8 Posted by Goldanas (548 posts) -
545.60 USD 
If only it could calculate all my giant boxed PC games I bought hundreds of years ago.
#9 Posted by joey (986 posts) -

I actualy spent like 40 bucks

#10 Posted by Raakill (870 posts) -

$470.70 USD via SteamCalculator but there's no way I've spent that much.

#11 Posted by fentonalpha (820 posts) -

 $825.50 USD but i play about $65 worth of that.

#12 Posted by adoggz (2070 posts) -

400 some odd dollars but most of them I got from those deals where you get 1 game and like 10000000000000 other games no one wants for free.

#13 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8699 posts) -


#14 Posted by NekuCTR (1663 posts) -

35 Games

#15 Edited by NickLott (793 posts) -
#16 Posted by takua108 (1483 posts) -
@nicklott: Man, I was going to come in and say $2029.77 USD but damn, beat me to it.
#17 Posted by Icicle7x3 (1201 posts) -

283 games


#18 Edited by Driadon (3012 posts) -
Likely to double come Boxing day sale :D  
Edit: Also looks like this isn't completely accurate. Some of the prices it grabs is based on collections that might be $30 total, but instead it grabs each game in said collection for $30 apiece.
#19 Edited by Korwin (2984 posts) -

$2697.37 USD
Blank posts are awesome...

#20 Edited by edins (33 posts) -

based off how much the games are worth on steam currently, 1024.50 or so

#21 Posted by ch13696 (4582 posts) -

Damn, I thought I had the most, but it's $1275.19.

#22 Posted by nywt (440 posts) -

$443.69 total for 31 games.

#23 Edited by RAY16 (35 posts) -

 $704.48 USD
Although, that's misleading since it bases it on current prices. I've bought a large portion of my games during sales, so it's far less than that in actuality.

#24 Posted by Vager (1654 posts) -

46 Games worth $662.54 USD.

#25 Posted by gike987 (1771 posts) -

But it only lists 88 games and steam says that I have 113 games.

#26 Posted by Aus_azn (2224 posts) -
@gike987: The count accounts for free games (Alien Swarm, America's Army 3, etc) along with significant demos (Portal 1st Slice, L4D2) 
My library is worth circa $470, but most of it came from the ridiculously low sales and a half-off Valve Complete Pack a while back. 
#27 Posted by Jeust (10822 posts) -


#28 Edited by Khemitude (222 posts) -

 Although i noticed its saying GTA & GTA 2 are $29.99 each which is odd...

#29 Edited by MadeinFinland (839 posts) -

  I am a box-collector, meaning that I buy very little off of Steam, unless it is ridiculously cheap.  

#30 Posted by JeanLuc (3605 posts) -

$425.75 USD

#31 Edited by Fjordson (2453 posts) -

So many I haven't even played.

#32 Posted by BounceDK (172 posts) -

0. Except of course for the games that FORCE me to use Steam. I hate that.
I use Impulse instead. It doesn't have to run in the background every single time I want to play a game and it doesn't require an internet connection either.
Yes yes I'm aware of Steam's "offline mode" which never works and it requires an internet connection to get it to work in the first place.
So if your internet dies you're screwed if you use steam.

#33 Posted by MisterMouse (3563 posts) -

Right now just $30 I am just starting out with steam so going slowly with it.

#34 Edited by CaptainTightPants (2834 posts) -

I started using steam about 2-3 months ago so give me a break :D 
$240.86 USD
  There is no way in hell i spent that much money though since I only buy games during sales, i actually spent no more than 100$ and somewhere about 75 i would say. 

#35 Posted by eccentrix (1608 posts) -

$1530.07 but I've only had Steam for a few months. £992.26 I've actually spent maybe half that. Maybe.

#36 Posted by BigDre (116 posts) -

I wanna see Vinny's total!
#37 Posted by BeachThunder (12299 posts) -

Already a thread about this here.

#38 Posted by Faint (833 posts) -

$0.00. steam sucks.

#39 Posted by fflyash (139 posts) -
Only  $313.77 for me.
They've actually fixed the offline mode so you can start it without an internet connection, although it still won't let you play games that need to be updated.
#40 Posted by DragonBloodthirsty (470 posts) -

Nothing, because I can't sell any of the games I own on Steam.

#41 Edited by LordCmdrStryker (346 posts) -
#42 Posted by Fattony12000 (7596 posts) -

56 games 
$820.45 USD     
Also, people should post screencaps of their installed games libraries, in 3 column-wide sections, and then put them into one large image file

#43 Edited by JJWeatherman (14564 posts) -
Damn, I feel kinda poor. Thanks OP. 
Edit: Up to 189 now. Weee!
#44 Posted by BaneFireLord (2967 posts) -

A grand total of zero dollars and zero cents.

#45 Edited by ShadowKnight508 (659 posts) -
@Fattony12000:  Good many games 0_0
I own the following:
1. Team Fortress 2 
2. Garry's Mod
3. Alien Swarm 
4. Left4Dead
5. Left4Dead 2
6. Beat Hazard
7. AudioSurf 

Perhaps around $100 or so.
#46 Posted by Fattony12000 (7596 posts) -
@shadowknight508: That's only the installed list! There's another 20 that you're not seeing right now cause I did some spring cleaning.
#47 Posted by beej (1674 posts) -

apparently I've been a member since 1970, and I have zero games....

#48 Posted by Dtat (1627 posts) -

 Mine is 415 bucks. I'd be more interested to know how much it would cost to buy one of every item on the steam store.  

#49 Edited by jlev880 (204 posts) -

Games: 72
Total worth: $800.42 USD
pretty much all my games were bought on sale, so I probably only spent a fourth of that.

#50 Posted by CptChiken (1987 posts) -

i dont own steam

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