How the PUP do you find new releases on Steam?

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I just want to see what's been released in the past week but I can't find a new releases section for the life of me. Am I just being dumb or what? The link I usually use just leads to the fucking sale. Maybe someone could post a link?

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You have to pray for the sale to end.

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Scroll down the main Store page till you get to the bit that lists the Top Sellers. There's Under £4 & Under £7 options (presumably differing per region) & then next to those, New Releases.

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This may not be the best week for Valiant Hearts to come out considering it'll be buried under a mountain of sales.

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Nothing released in the past week. There's a huge sale going on.

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@lordandrew: Valiant Hearts and the new Transformers game were released.

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This topic is now about pups.

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