I have no use for these Steam coupons. Please, take them!

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I got a bunch of these over the last Steam sale with the coal and whatnot. I can't use them and they're expiring in early March, so you can have them!

1 per person, send a message to perfidious_sinn...or Perfidious Sinn...or go here. http://steamcommunity.com/id/perfidioussinn

I don't know how this stuff works really.

What I've got:

-33% off a Valve game

-10% off a Valve game

-50% off any Nordic Games...game

-50% off Blocks That Matter

-50% off Drakensang

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@PerfidiousSinn: I will take the Nordic games one. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Crusader8463

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Can I get that Blocks that Matter code? steam ID is crackjack92x

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can i get that blocks that matter voucher, i added you already(thebuft) also i have a SMNC beta invite you can have, i can't get rid of it lol

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I have a 50% valve coupon as well if anyone wants.

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I got: 
33% off any valve title 
33% off Valve Complete Pack 
And two Super Monday Night Combat beta invites.  
The valve stuff is useless to me

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A friend of mine wants to get rid of his coupons too. It's like a coupon storm up in here. This isn't me though. I promise.

Message DetectiveDojima and bug him about:

-50% GTA IV: Complete
-75% Torchlight
-25% Deepsilver
-25% Ubisoft
- 50% A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda
-33% Dungeon Seige 3
-50% Valve
-three SMNC beta invites that I can't get rid of
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If anybody can send me a 50% off Valve coupon then I'd be eternally grateful. 


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Added you. Steam name is DetectiveDojima (see Perfidious's post above).

I'm grabbing a few more coupons from friends to give away. I'll update with a list once I get them.

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Confirmed. Much appreciated.

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I have a 50% off Bethesda games coupon. So hey, Skyrim at half-price.

Shoot me a PM if you want it.

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Hey all, I only have two coupons but they're there if you want them! PM me you steam name and I can send them over.

  • 2 Guest Passes for Killing Floor
  • 50% off Zeno Clash

If anyone has Valve coupons I will gladly take them, as I don't ANY Valve games believe it or not. (Been mostly a strategy guy).

My steam name is illegalerich (yeahhhh i know lol)

EDIT: Big thanks to WilltheMagicAsian and Ravenlight!

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@ZeForgotten: Could I have a SMNC invite if possible please? I've been wanting to try that game for ageeeeeeees.

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Hey, so I totally forgot I had coupons and junk. I also noticed I was still holding onto a copy of BIT.TRIP RUNNER. I, of course, already have it so if anyone wants it reply to me in this thread and then we will work it out on Steam. I'll be around for a half-hour so I should be able to get it to you real quick like in that time.

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I have:

-25% off a single Valve

-50% introversion complete pack

If anyone wants em

EDIT: A friend of mine has the following ones:

- 50% single valve game x2

-33% single valve game

-25% single valve game

-50% GTA:SA

-50% Fallout collection (old fallout games)

-50% darwinia

-25% dead island

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Also I have a few for the list, -10% City Interactive, -33% TimeGate, -25% Valve & -50% Valve.

Dungeons of Dredmor is a quite a fun game & even more so with the cheap Realm of the Diggle Gods dlc, can't say the same for the first Dungeons game so people should definitely demo that one (I found it not too enjoyable but found it rather polarizing on who might like it). They really should have toned down the Valve coupons on that winter event, I can see people not having Portal1 or 2 but apart from that everyone else probably has Valve stuff as they don't have a ton of stuff on Steam.

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I have

50% off Witcher Enhanced Edition

50% off Dino-D Day if anybody wants them

Steam name is Hybrid737

#21 Posted by Halcypher (16 posts) -

I Have:

50% off Valve (x2)

50% off Garhasp: The Monster Slayer - which makes it a bargain at £1.99, how could you not want it :)

PM me your Steam name

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I have:

-25% Valve x2

-50% Nordic Games

-50% Rockstar Games

-50% Sequence

-50% Xotic

-50% Amnesia

Along with some Super MNC beta invites and Virtua Tennis 4. Send me a PM if you want any of them.

#23 Posted by Chris2KLee (2336 posts) -


-10% Valve

-25% Valve

-33% Valve

-50% Orcs Must Die

-50% Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes

PM if you want anything.

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Obligatory "I also have coupons I don't want and can't seem to give away" reply.

-50% Valve

-60% Victoria 2

-50% Sanctum

-50% Silent Hill Homecoming


Add me on steam/message me if you want them.

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@WilltheMagicAsian: May i get the 50% off valve game please? steam id LethalKi11ler

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I have 50% off of the following:




While I'm at it, I have free copies of Portal and the DLC for Orcs Must Die. I'll give any for free, but I'd love to trade for a Witcher 2 Coupon. message me on GiantBomb if you want anything.

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Hmm, I can´t send you a message on Steam, dunno if we have to be friends or something.

Anyway, I could use the Drakensang code. Steam ID is: Grasslmeier or in html form: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Grasslmeier/

I also have some coupons to give away:

50% OFF AI War: Fleet Command, 50% OFF STORM: Frontline Nation, 33% OFF Focus Home Interactive, 25% OFF Valve

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@Superfriend: I think I have to add you as a friend? I'll be on Steam for most of the night so I'll try to catch you sometime.

btw, a lot of these codes are expiring the first week of March, so I'd get to using them!

@SuperWristBands: I need to set this thread to auto-update because I TOTALLY WANT THAT...if you still have it.

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@NyxFe said:

Obligatory "I also have coupons I don't want and can't seem to give away" reply.

-50% Valve

-60% Victoria 2

-50% Sanctum

-50% Silent Hill Homecoming


Add me on steam/message me if you want them.

Ill take the 50% valve 
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I'm up for a 50% Valve coupon if anyone has got any they wanna give

Steam: djratchet

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If you want any of this shit let me know


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