Is L4D2 dead? Killing Floor good? Blacklist not broken? (mp)

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MULTIPLAYER GAMES. A good friend of mine recently got a gaming PC (I've been PC forever) and this is his opportunity to buy TEN THOUSAND GAIMZ to play together! He already got BF3 off Origin on a sale.

I need your help finding multiplayer games on Steam during this sale. Ones that are still played by others and aren't broken online.

This includes everything. Classic server-based online shooters (BF3), online co-op against enemy waves (L4D), online "campaigns" with strangers (Blacklist/ Kane and Lynch/ etc..). Anything to be played together.

Offline co-op (like him and I rocking Saints Row 3) is also included, but to a lesser degree.

Suggestions? :D

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L4D2 was free on Christmas so there is a lot of people playing it now.

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L4D2 was free on Christmas so there is a lot of people playing it now.

what this person said.

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L4D2 was free on Christmas so there is a lot of people playing it now.

Thanks. I've played most of the rest and they're all yesterday material, we were hoping for new fresh co-op/online games. We need some games....

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As a side note, Co-Optimus is a great resource for all things co-op gaming if you need help looking for more games.

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Too bad I have missed the free key for l4d2 T_T

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it depends, friends might be the factor and seeing them on your friends list not playing a game might be a reason why you perceive no one is playing a game. So I was trying out TF2 quick match and it'd log me into servers with less then 12 people not playing the game, So I open up the server list and then seeing just thousands of people play in wacky modded servers.

You may want to just find a community forum to join in maybe you can discover where all the people play those games.

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