Left4Dead 2 Low Violence

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With Australia now catching up to most of the world and having an R rating for games, what are the chances of getting the uncut version of L4D2 now?
From what I understand, the issue is that a game can't be submitted for a rating more then once, if that is the case, it would be lovely if they could allow the gore patches to work again.

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You can find someone from a country were the game can be bought uncut in the Steam store who could buy it and gift it to you. That's a way to get it uncut. I got mine uncut in this way since you can only get the cut version in the German Steam store.

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Extremely low chance. Games can be submitted for re-evaluations in Australia, but there's really no good reason for anyone to put in the effort (for one, it costs tax money). Just buy it from a different region.

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