(My) Steam Coupon Giveaway Extravaganza!

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So here's the deal, I fell hard into steam trading cards in the last week and a half and I'm now finally at the end of that dark tunnel. After crafting hella badges, I have a full inventory page of nothing but coupons for games. Some expire in a week, others at the end of the month. Either way I have no good use for them and would really appreciate it if you, the good people of Giant Bomb, could take them off my hands.

You're welcome to take them for nothing but if you're feeling generous, I will appreciate any one trading card as a trade/tip.

Procedure:add me on Steam, tell me what coupon you want, decide if you want to give me anything in return or not, and it's yours! Here's the full list I put in order of expiration date of which there are doubles down the line:

  • -90% Off Sacred Citadel (expires 09/23)
  • -50% Off Garry's Mod (expires 09/26)
  • -75% Off Prime World: Defenders (expires 09/26)
  • -75% Off Serious Sam 2 (expires 09/26)
  • -75% Off Ultratron (expires 09/26)
  • -75% Off Serious Sam 3: BFE (expires 09/26)
  • -66% Off Faerie Solitaire (expires 09/26)
  • -90% Off Krater (expires 09/28)
  • -90% Off Krater (expires 09/28)
  • -50% Off Garry's Mod (expires 09/28)
  • -66% Off Revenge of the Titans (expires 09/28)
  • -66% Off A New Beginning - Final Cut (expires 09/28)
  • -50% Off Sniper Elite (expires 09/28)
  • -50% Off Sequence (expires 09/29)
  • -75% Off Serious Sam 3: BFE (expires 09/29)
  • -66% Off Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity (expires 09/29)
  • -75% Off Serious Sam 2 (expires 09/29)
  • -90% Off Hamilton's Great Adventure (expires 09/29)
  • -50% Off Sequence (expires 09/29)
  • -90% Off Serious Sam 3: BFE (expires 09/30)
  • -50% Off Triple Town (expires 09/30)
  • -50% Off Evoland (expires 09/30)
  • -50% Off Sequence (expires 09/30)
  • -50% Off Garry's Mod (expires 10/01)
  • -50% Off Twin Sector (expires 10/01)

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