Need friends for today's Treasure Hunt quest? Post here!

#1 Posted by Darko (117 posts) -

So, one of today's treasure hunt objectives is to have 10 friends on your friends list. Figured there would be a few people who don't have that amount.
Leave your steam id here and I'll add you. I'm sure other Giant Bombers will do the same.
My id is donnie_darko (Original, I know)

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lol I was going to post the same thing but you beat me to it. 
EDIT: BTW I play TF2, L4D2, CS:S and I am in Canada

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I just came to check if there was a topic for this. 

Edit: Thanks guys.

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Damn I was on my way to post this now. 
UK TF2 players sent me a friend request :D 
EDIT: Thanks for the friend requests guys, I've accepted everyone that sent me an invite but I've got nearly 100 friends now and I'm struggling to find my real ones lol.

#5 Posted by Akel (147 posts) -

Mine is akel777
The lengths we go for these steam events.

#6 Posted by proggykins (143 posts) -

Proggykins over here

#7 Posted by HaroldoNVU (591 posts) -

I already have this but if anyone needs, it's haroldonvu 

#8 Posted by medacris (691 posts) -

Sure, why not.
Username medacris, tagline "Governor Explosion". I play TF2, L4D, and L4D2. Located in the US.

#9 Edited by Cincaid (2959 posts) -

chris_widell is my tag
Feel free to add me, my friendslist is very lonely!
EDIT: Well, I was bombarded with friendrequests, so I definatly no longer need the quest hehe. Feel free to still add me if you want to of course, you can never have enough friends!

#10 Posted by Darko (117 posts) -
@medacris said:
" Sure, why not.
Username medacris, tagline "Governor Explosion". I play TF2, L4D, and L4D2. Located in the US. "
Couldn't find medacris...
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Not looking for Steam buddies anymore
Got way too many friends already. Thanks
edited post.

#12 Posted by MSX2 (43 posts) -

You can never have enough friends, especially since my friendslist is empty at the moment. 

#13 Posted by MrCellophane (524 posts) -

I've already got the 10 friends thing, but feel free to join me anyway. I'm in Denmark, always up for TF2, even though I probably suck pretty hard.
Steam ID is pointlessmurder

#14 Posted by ShaunassNZ (2128 posts) -

Steam ID Shaunass

#15 Posted by JoeyRavn (5001 posts) -

Sure, why not. joeyravn here. I'll try to add as many of you as I can.

#16 Posted by bcjohnnie (442 posts) -

I'll take another chance to win free games.
I'm bcjohnnie on Steam.

#17 Posted by Gamez_hunter99 (81 posts) -

Steam ID: Gamezhunter

#18 Posted by Winternet (8088 posts) -

My ID is winternet. Treasure Hunt GO!

#19 Posted by oldjut (1 posts) -

add this dude: oldmanjut 
you'll regret it forever, i promise.

#20 Posted by JMartNWA (192 posts) -

Steam ID: jmartnwa - I will try to add later this afternoon also.

#21 Posted by Doobit (102 posts) -

I'm Doobit on steam. Add me, add me now.

#22 Posted by Darko (117 posts) -

Make sure you're posting your steam id (login) and not your profile name.

#23 Edited by SouthernSlummin (18 posts) -

LOL! Great minds think alike. 
 steam id is Afroninjagirl

#24 Posted by SMTDante89 (2611 posts) -

SMTDante, thanks in advance.

#25 Posted by Winternet (8088 posts) -

Sent to all above. Some couldn't find. I'll probably won't play any multiplayer for now ( I have TF2, but I don't feel like it). At least, until I start playing L4D2.

#26 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5162 posts) -

My Steam ID is Mr_Skeleton.

#27 Posted by spiceninja (3085 posts) -

Hit me with a friend request if needed. Steam ID: Undercover Jedi

#28 Posted by eldiax (632 posts) -

My steam ID is eldiax. Feel free to add me!

#29 Edited by Brake (1154 posts) -

Anything for more chances to win free games!
I play TF2 quite a lot. EU area. Brake (or hideyho I guess) on Steam or just here: 
Edit: Added lotsa dudes from above, can't find you all though.

#30 Posted by s10129107 (1224 posts) -

s10129107,  I want to compare Super Meat boy times!!

#31 Edited by buhssuht (436 posts) -

thank you for starting this thread 
 mine is always the same: buhssuht 
EDIT:maybe it's just me but it seems i can't add friends. or im just being retard and doing it wrong 
EDIT2:Figured out that I have to do this from the steam browser, not from the web browser 

#32 Posted by Hangnail (193 posts) -
Steam won't let me add friends!
Add me!
#33 Posted by Losfer (120 posts) -

You can add me and watch me idle my ass off while I'm at work all night.  :P 
Steam ID: Losfer

#34 Posted by HaroldoNVU (591 posts) -
@Hangnail said:
Steam won't let me add friends!
Add me! "
I added you. Adding friends is restricted to accounts which spent something on steam or received gifts. This is a measure to contain spammers.
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#36 Posted by Eaxis (978 posts) -

#37 Posted by Hangnail (193 posts) -
@HaroldoNVU:  Your job must be to save lives man, thanks!
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Glad this is here, I'm 1 short.

#39 Posted by nukesniper (1312 posts) -

My tag is Nukesniper. and I just need friends in general. Now that I have a comp capable of playing most of my games.

#40 Posted by canucks23 (1087 posts) -

SteamID: Canucks23
I'm always into gettin some more steam friends.

#41 Posted by Zealousadonis (132 posts) -

My name is zealousadonis, mostly just looking for friends for this quest, but I play L4D2 sometimes.

#42 Posted by Ktargo (100 posts) -

SteamID: Ktargo 
I don't play a whole lot of multiplayer games. I have TF2 and L4D2 I play sometimes, but usually I will be playing some single player game or indie game. Feel free to add me anyways, if only for the sake of treasure hunting.

#43 Posted by mmzOne (278 posts) -

I added everyone before me. Although I couldn't find couple of you..
I can be reached here, should someone want.

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#45 Posted by guitarjunkie1123 (54 posts) -

I'm quite happy someone made this thread. SteamID: guitarjunkie1123

#46 Edited by Bomfy (2 posts) -

I am Bomfy
I will be on throughout the day so feel free.
You guys are great, 15 minutes after I start I got the 10.  Totally willing to repay the favor, so add me.

#47 Posted by fuumo (20 posts) -

ID: fuumo
Hoping for a win

#48 Posted by brodywb (192 posts) -

I could still use some more friends. My ID is brodywb

#49 Edited by MightyMayorMike (423 posts) -

Edit: Done! Thanks, Bombers. B-)
If anyone needs another friend I'll add you back since I was helped so fast. ID: D3THL02D

#50 Posted by Kevino13 (132 posts) -

My Steam ID is Desfore. Thanks a lot!

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