Question about where my steam saves are at.

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Ok, So I'm planning to format my desktop pc and reinstall my windows operating system. Fresh install. I got about 100 installed steam games, you know, in the computah. My problems is I have saves that I don't wanna lose, skyrim for one. Now I figure some games use cloud saving but not every game. My question is, are my saves for every game all in the Steam>steamapps>common folder?

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Ya, all the games files are in those folders. Pretty sure the saves are as well.  
Some may be in your %appdata% as well (if you have windows 7 just do a search in the start menu search bar for %appdata% and hit enter- look for the folders for certain games there).

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Not all of them. Some are in the Steamapps folder, some are in My Games, some are in Saved games. I suggesting looking in all of those places and copying them all to an external drive.

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There are saves in the userdata folder in the steam directory as well. Those are encrypted and obfuscated for a reason. They protect the integrity of achievements. So, you wont know what they go to unless you do some detective work.

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Thanks for the answers guys! I had a feeling I was gonna have to do some detective work tracking down all my saves.

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Well I found my game saves, they were in my other set of My Saves files. But this did help me find some adware ive been hunting for ages...kudos braaaa

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