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I'm running low on space in my main hard drive, can I move my Steam folder to another hard drive, will it mess anything up?

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@SmasheControllers:  The games are installed, so i'm pretty sure you'd mess up your installed games and maybe even lose your saves (not 100% sure)
I recommend backing up all your installed games to the new hard drive, backing up your save files, uninstalling all of them and then re-locating the Steam folder and installing the backed-up installers.
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That does work, I think. But your best bet is to install Steam on the other drive and copy the contents steamapps folder from the old location to the new one. I would just move all those files on to a temporary folder on your Desktop, then uninstall Steam from your first drive and reinstall it to your second drive. Once it's been reinstalled, just move your steamapps back to their new home on the other drive. 

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