Selling Items on the Steam Marketplace

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I couldn't find a topic that had this, and thought it would be an interesting discussion.

I was mostly curious on how much some people have made on a single item selling it on Steam, and what item that was. But feel free to post any sort of marketplace selling statistics.

I think my top sale happened just like week (and was top by a large margin) when I sold an Asimov P90 for $56, after paying 2.79 or whatever for a key.

What about you?

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I've mostly sold trading cards. The thing I've gotten the most for was that Team Fortress 2 Summer Adventure Pack from this year's summer sale, which I got 2.41€ for (roughly $3.20). I bought Eastern bloc strategy games for all the money.

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I've sold all my trading cards for Payday 2 DLC and Dota 2 items.

EDIT: I've made $29.58 off the steam market and a net gain of $16.77

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I got about $17 after selling one of the CS:GO Dreamhack Souvenir cases last year. The cases that you can only get after purchasing a pass for CS:GO's community map Operations have nabbed me a good amount of Steam wallet funds as well.

#5 Posted by Slax (1018 posts) -

@padman59: Man, I missed out on that. Just started playing CS around a month ago.

@corruptedevil: @fisk0: I've never felt like trading cards get you that much, so making dimes on them seem like a great idea.

#6 Posted by fisk0 (5607 posts) -

@slax: If you start selling your cards within a few days after trading card support has been added to the game, you can usually get something like 30-40 €-cent each, but a few weeks down the line they all seem to stabilize at around 10-15 cents.

#7 Posted by Slax (1018 posts) -

@fisk0: true. Although my DMC cards are at like .25 which is crazy.

#8 Posted by BeachThunder (13563 posts) -

I've only made a few dollars at most on a single item - but overall, I've made $110 from selling cards.

#9 Posted by connerthekewlkid (1872 posts) -

I remember I got one of the Counter Strike Esports cases like an hour after they patched it in and sold it for almost $10 and by the time I woke up the next morning it was $1.50

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@slax: If you don't know, there's a big tournament starting tomorrow (the 14th), and Valve is giving away a new set of souvenir cases to random viewers watching on Twitch (with a linked account) or through the in-game viewer. I don't know if they'll sell as high as the Dreamhack cases, but I'll have one of the streams open during the day in the hopes of getting one.

#11 Posted by Killercombo (258 posts) -

I got over $7 from a foil card from Dust: An Elysian tail

#12 Posted by Clonedzero (4206 posts) -

i made 66 cents selling random cards.

#13 Posted by ajamafalous (12609 posts) -

I sold an unusual Dota courier for $78

I've sold other stuff as well (rare backgrounds/Dota items/etc.), but nothing else more than $15

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@ajamafalous: Wow! I think I sold a dota courier for 18 once as my second highest sale.

@beachthunder: That is a ridiculous amount of money for fake cards. Amazing!

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I've only made a few dollars at most on a single item - but overall, I've made $110 from selling cards.

Is there anywhere in the Steam interface that makes that total easy to see?

#16 Posted by BeachThunder (13563 posts) -

@slag said:

@beachthunder said:

I've only made a few dollars at most on a single item - but overall, I've made $110 from selling cards.

Is there anywhere in the Steam interface that makes that total easy to see?

Not that I know of. I've just been personally keeping track.

#17 Posted by I_Stay_Puft (5304 posts) -

Speaking of selling items on steam I really fell down a hole reading scams on steamrep people pull on the steam trade / marketplace. Very, very slimy people pull just to make out with a digital item. Sometimes hearing about this stuff makes me lose faith in the human race and then I realize it's the internet.

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Dude at work got like €500 for a CS go knife skin or something. Most expensive thing I've ever sold was a foil card for almost €2.

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@slag: If you go to your market place transactions you can see all the sales you've made and manually add up the total.

I think the most expensive thing I sold was worth €5, some foil card. Overall I've made about €15 selling these things.

#20 Posted by JustKamToo (903 posts) -

I sold two cards (I have zero interest in collecting them) and made 23p...

#21 Posted by ClairvoyantVibrations (1145 posts) -

I've probably made around...20 bucks selling all my cards and CS:GO skins. The most expensive thing I sold was probably a Blue Laminate AK skin. It was like $1.70.

#22 Posted by Capum15 (5314 posts) -

Probably around a dollar for a card. Mostly they're 15-20 cents.

#23 Posted by AlexW00d (6968 posts) -

I sold a Dota courier for £50 (~$85) and a couple of other items for £12 ($20) a pop, and then a load of misc stuff for a couple of quid each. It's been great.

#24 Posted by Abendlaender (3015 posts) -

I sold some Bit Trip Runner foil card for 20€ during the trading card beta.

#25 Posted by Forcen (2154 posts) -

I bought a copy of ikaruga only by selling trading cards, happy about that.

Here are my stats:

Market Transactions

Purchase total:19.42€

Sales total:31.13€

Net gain:11.71€

I could earn approximately 43.43€ if I sold the 570 cards that can drop from my games.

You can get these stats if you install

#26 Posted by Mikemcn (7674 posts) -

I made 8 bucks off a wallpaper for some game, i think. Something like that...

I;m glad i've adopted the policy of selling all items in my inventory of any value.

#27 Posted by TonicBH (336 posts) -

The highest stuff I sold was CS:GO stuff: A Stattrak FAMAS Doomkitty for $3 when the Arms Deal update hit, Operation Bravo cases when they were new and selling for a buck a piece, even sold older crates like series 1 and Esports 2013 which went for about a dollar during one of the major tournaments.

I was holding on to some trading cards, but after realizing I don't like Red Orchestra 2, Rise of the Triad or Dead Island that much to craft the badge, I decided to part with them and make some small amount of change here and there. Problem is most stuff is like 5 cents or less, so unless you find something rare like a foil card, it's probably better to hold onto them. Then again, I have CS:GO Dreamhack and Katowice stuff that's going for $6-20 each on the marketplace...

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I've only sold extra Steam sales cards. The most I've made from one is $1.30USD from a foil Winter 2013 card.

#29 Posted by Dacnomaniac (493 posts) -

I sold a Dota 2 courier for £25 once...

#30 Posted by RioStarwind (802 posts) -

Jeez I didn't know I made 86$ on stream cards at this point. .10c cards start to add up if you have a bunch of steam games. Anyway the most I ever made was selling the Genuine Pip boy item for 1.40$

#31 Posted by Pr1mus (4107 posts) -

Never made much on any individual items. The most is probably around 2$ for a vintage batter's helmet for the Scout in TF2 and probably an average of a 1$ each for every Deus Ex pre order items for TF2. But all in all selling everything i would never use including cards i made around 40-50$

The real insanity here is that someone paid 2$ for a "vintage" virtual hat, instead of the completely identical regular version that probably goes for 5 pennies. I understand the appeal of collecting real items in good conditions with actual scarcity but this?

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I've made $77.31 selling cards, but I think the most I've ever made off an item is only like $2.30 from a Long Live the Queen foil. I could make another $40 or so on cards if I were to collect all available ones, but the bandwidth is worth more to me than a few cents in most cases. My total net is $-9.18, but that's mostly because when Steam sales are on you can almost always get an even bigger discount by trading with people on SteamTrades, so I've bought a bunch of TF2 keys in a few cases to save some money on store purchases (e.g. payed $25 in keys for Divinity instead of $33 in the store during the Summer sale).

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Most I ever made from a single item was $1.95 for a TF2 item. I've made $120 from selling items and cards.

#34 Posted by Ezekiel (844 posts) -

Jeez I didn't know I made 86$ on stream cards at this point. .10c cards start to add up if you have a bunch of steam games. Anyway the most I ever made was selling the Genuine Pip boy item for 1.40$

How do you find out how much you've sold on Steam. You don't add them all manually, do you?

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@ezekiel I used Enhanced Steam which tells you how much you've made when looking at the steam marketplace. @forcen pointed it out a few posts above mine.

#36 Posted by Ezekiel (844 posts) -

That's a neat tool. Okay, I've made 7 dollars selling cards.

#37 Posted by Slag (5982 posts) -

@jesus_phish: yeah I know I was looking to be lazier than that. And thanks to @forcen I realized I can be thanks to Enhanced Steam!

Looks like I've made a net gain of $35.87 selling junk on Steam.

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I have made $361.88 off of DotA 2(real deal) and other steam games(cards)

#39 Posted by audioBusting (1882 posts) -

The most expensive thing I've sold is just a $2 something foil card, but apparently I've gained $22 off selling trading cards alone. Probably not worth the time investment in managing my inventory, but I'll take it. Gosh, I wish I can have some of those Dota 2 courier money...

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In CS:GO alone I've probably earned a wee bit above 100 euros. My inventory is also worth around 300 euros. Man, if only I could pull those kinda moneys out of steam I would get rid of everything in a heartbeat, but alas...

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