Skinning le Steam

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Hello Giant Bomb supporters. Today I would like to make an announcement that after being years in the dark, I've learned that Steam allows the change of the interface through "Skins". Some may already have known this. But its nice to keep things alive. So I would like to give those who didn't know this, the tools you'll need to change your Steam interface. This site that I found through Reddit contains everything you need to do it. There is lots to choose from and a good how to install page as well. I realize there's a lot of supporters for the metro skin so be sure to check that one out. Cheers

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Cool, didn't realize this myself.

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A title that includes "le" and references to reddit...

4Chan is that you?

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So... can it give me bigger text for the library and messenger? Because it is way too small...

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@truthtellah: yes, skins have the ability to change up the overall visual of steam, including text. i think either metro or pixelvision does increase the font sizes, but i can't remember which one. there's also a steam skin called "BIG TEXT", which might also do it, but i haven't used that one yet. here's a link to the big text skin for you.

edit: metro does in fact increase the font size for chat \ messenger text. it also increases the size of the upperbar on the steam client, if that's what you were referring to. is that what you were talking about? or something else?

@roxasthirteen no, no 4chan here. :( and if i was 4chan, by rules i don't think i'd be able to talk about it! or is that fight club? ... or both? :|

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@wgamer: That does indeed answer my question. Cool.

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A title that includes "le" and references to reddit...

4Chan is that you?

lol when i first read the title I was like "he better have god damn just accidently capitalized the 'i' in 'ie'.". Either that or you are actually french.

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mmmhhh .... this smells to spam to me

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@aetheldod: PETA hates spam. i don't think i've ever had it before though.

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Hey guys meme meme meme.

Also, welcome to Giant Bomb. I'll stop being a dick now.

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Fucking Reddit.

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Did not know you could change skins in steam, seems pretty cool!

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I did know it was possible to change skins, but not of any pages that had an archive of skins anymore, used to be that Valve hosted a page with stuff like that, but it disappeared in 2006-07 or something. So, thanks for the link!

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Skinnin' like it's Winamp 2.83 up in this bitch.

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