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#1 Posted by Zuljin (32 posts) -

Checking Steam a few minutes ago i stumbled across a game that is not being displayed in my region (see below). Its the deal on Steam right now, can anybody clear up which game deal / game the German public is missing out on?

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That happened to me with the Indie Bundle on the first day. In my case it just starting showing the game after five minutes, so maybe it's just a bug?

EDIT: Oh wait, it's Dead Island. That game was banned in Germany, right?

#3 Posted by YoThatLimp (1946 posts) -

Dead island

#4 Posted by Vextroid (1445 posts) -

It's Dead Island. I assume it censored/banned from sale in Germany or something.

#5 Posted by Zuljin (32 posts) -

Yea, no Dead Island on my Steam... that was a game i was actually thinking about picking up if the price was right. I guess Day Z will have to quench my thirst for Zombie.

Thanks guys!

#6 Posted by MikkaQ (10346 posts) -

I get this as a bug, and kept refreshing, but if this game's banned in germany, you could always see if someone is willing to trade.

#7 Posted by Soap (3653 posts) -

It's Dead Island, and don't worry your not missing much.


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