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Anyone want my spare beta key? Post something good and I'll give it to you sometime today. This is what it looks like:

AUGUST 16TH, 2012

Preview of Team Fortress 2 Game Hub now accessible for all

August 16, 2012--Valve, creators of best-selling game franchises (such as Counter-Strike and Team Fortress) and leading technologies (such as Steam and Source), today announced the launch of a limited access Beta for its new Steam Community features.

The Steam Community Beta is now open to the first 50,000 players who earned the 'Pillar of the Steam Community' badge and includes another invite to share. Beta access will increase incrementally until the public launch.

To celebrate the launch of Team Fortress 2's new game mode, Mann vs. Machine, the Team Fortress 2 Game Hub ( is now accessible to everyone.

The new Steam Community update includes:

Game Hubs - Every game on Steam now has a Game Hub, which provides a quick way for users to browse the best of a variety of content as rated by the community at large. Each Game Hub also includes a game-specific discussion area where players can talk about their favorite Steam games.

Group Updates - Player-created groups have been redesigned so it's now easier to see what a group is all about and who is participating in it. Groups now also include public and private discussion areas where they can remain in touch with their own communities.

My Content Updates - The content you've created now lives in one central place with new viewing options including an "image wall" layout that showcases your top-rated content. Also new is the ability to mark screenshots, videos, and workshop items as Favorites to save or share with friends.

Friend Activity - The new feed makes it easy to view, rate, and comment on the content and activities of your friends in a visually-rich and interactive presentation. Players can also broadcast game-specific status updates to start a conversation with their friends, directly in the activity feed.

Steam is a leading platform for the delivery and management of PC and Mac games with over 40 million accounts around the world and over 2,000 titles offered.

More details regarding the Steam Community update are available at

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So is there a TV interface option yet, cause that text is tiny when your sitting on the couch.

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It's about damn time Valve made this sort of thing. I've been wondering where the hell this "community" is that the forums seem to think exists. Looking forward to the real release of the platform.

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Got a BETA invite. Gonna see the changes in the client and TF2.

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i received 2 beta copies.. sadly beta copies cant be shared until 30 days after receiving it.. by that time most people will probably be invited already

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Cool idea, the execution is riddled with awful, awful design choices.

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@Talis12 said:

i received 2 beta copies.. sadly beta copies cant be shared until 30 days after receiving it.. by that time most people will probably be invited already

I have a "Send gift" option, as well as Tradable tag so I don't know where you got that idea.

Anyway, if someone wants to trade, reply here or send me a PM. I also got -75% Coupon for Portal 2, but I don't think anyone will find a use for this anymore...

Edit: Only coupon left.

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I'm in the beta. Feel free to join in on calling a cunt here

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@valrog: it said so in the coupon information box (gift not tradable, need to be in good standing for at least 30 days bla bla bla).. starting it up today it has changed though so maybe it was just a temporary thing in place.. i now have a button with send gift and a button to add to library

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@MattyFTM: Done and Done.

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