Steam Games Uninstalling Themselves?

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I have a 2 TB drive that's dedicated for gaming purposes, so I'm able to have all my games downloaded on my machine. All of a sudden, about a dozen games in my library decided to become uninstalled, and now I have to go and re-download them if I have any inkling to play them. It was mostly a bunch of Valve games, but several others were rendered uninstalled too. The files are still on my computer, but Steam isn't recognizing them. I've restarted Steam and my computer to no avail.

Does anyone have solutions to this problem without actually spending the effort to re-download them? I haven't found any solution on the Internet that has worked for me.

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@gruebacca: Surely if the files are still there, when you attempt to redownload it should be pretty much instant? As it will install to the same directory, and when Steam downloads files I'm pretty sure it checks if they already exist.

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@chavtheworld: It depends, but it's always between 50 and 100% of the game that downloads.

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@gruebacca: did you ever figure it out? I had the same thing happen earlier this year with Metro: LL. Had to download the entire thing again. I was livid with it happening with one game, so I can't imagine a dozen games.

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I've had this happen before, but it always noticed that the files were there when I tried to re-download to the same directory, and it was near instant, or maybe a small download, and they were fine again.

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When I tried to launch L4D2 yesterday it came up with a DLL missing error, one I'd never seen before. I've never had issues like that with the game for the 4 years I've owned it and played it pretty regularly, so I went to investigate and found out it had, well, half-uninstalled itself. Like, about half of the install files were just kind of missing. File verification and re-download fixed it, but was kind of a pain since I customize that game in a few weird ways. May not be the same problem, but I figured I'd mention it.

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I had that too with some Half-Life games: I think it happens when they do a 'more efficient file/compression' update and it goes wrong somewhere.

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This happened to almost half my games but it was a simple fix. Select to re-install the game then when you re-install just put it in the same folder it was before(where it is now, for me all the files were there it just wasn't recognizing them or whatever) then I didn't have to do anything else. Every game that needed to be re-installed had switched back to PLAY. must be a bug like Nictel said

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