Steam Living Room Announcement

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Sorry if this has been posted already, but as you may have heard Valve put up a page announcing announcements involving using Steam in the living room.

I did a little snooping with developer tools and this is what the html looked like:

As geoff keighley said on twitter there'll be three things revealed next week and judging by the class descriptions here they'll unveil them one a day, and also they're buttons? so maybe you click through to something?

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Global Thermonuclear War?

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Can you guys confirm if this is real?

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@vitalez06 said:

Can you guys confirm if this is real?

Not, it's a fake.

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Maybe it's like Cookie Clicker. Keep clicking them as much as you can.

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No offense, but your snooping into the code of the page revealed basically nothing and wasn't worth the screenshot or mention. It tells us nothing about the actual news they're going to reveal, just that they're going to roll it out in sections. Not exactly mind-blowing.

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