The big ol'Steam Trading Card for trading Trading Cards

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@webscud: My Chivalry for your Parachute or Mountain Climb? Steam name is Butt Cleavage.

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Steam Summer Getaway cards: I need Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Have extras of Dead Island Riptide, Kerbal Space Program, Skyrim, Tomb Raider, and Torchlight II. Steam ID is j_meyer_13

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@j_meyer_13: I'll trade you Chivalry for Skyrim, spree4567 on Steam

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Okay! Here's what I got from the Summer Sale:


  • Skyrim
  • Football Manager
  • Tomb Raider
  • Chivalry

I Need

  • Torchlight 2

Anyone feeling generous? Steam name is billygoat117.

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@thebunnyhunter: I could use one of your Torchlight 2 cards, if you still have one.

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I've got:

  • Kerbal Space
  • Football Manager
  • Reus
  • Skyrim
  • Bioshock Infinite
  • Chivalry
  • Dead Island

Looking for:

  • Torchwood II
  • Prison Architect

Hit me up (blamesimian) if you want to trade.

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@dougquaid: Prison Architect for Reus?

edit- while I'm at it

Have Skyrim/Bioshock Infinite

Dust: General Gaius

Hotline Miami- Rooster, Pig, horse

SR3: Oleg

Organ Trail: Derpy Clements

Looking for Borderlands 2 Axton/Zero/Salvador/Handsome Jack.

PM me on site if interested.

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@taunt: I'm looking for Pig from Hotline Miami. I've added you on Steam.

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I've got extras of:

  • Bioshock Infinite
  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
  • Football Manager 2013
  • Kerbal Space Program

I still need to trade for:

  • Prison Architect
  • Skyrim
  • Tomb Raider

Let me know if you're interested! Jack_Lafayette on Steam.

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@spunkyhepanda: I could give you a Dead Island Riptide for a High Priestess (Binding of Isaac), assuming you still need it.

Steam profile?

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@dark_lord_spam: I need BioShock Infinite and will trade you Tomb Raider for it. Steam friend request sent.

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I'd love a Tomb Raider and a Chivalry.

I have multiples of everything but Bioshock and Football Manager.

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Anyone have any Reus cards? I'm looking for a Forest Giant, Swamp Ambassador and 2 Forest Ambassadors.

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Need two more Summer Sale cards to complete my set!

Have: Bioshock Infinite, Kerbal Space Program, Chivalry, Football Manager, Skyrim, Torchlight 2

Want: Dead Island Riptide, Prison Architect

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@dark_lord_spam: I can trade you skyrim for football manager?

Sent a friend request, steam ID: light_grenade.

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I've got:

  • Bioshock Infinite
  • Dead island riptide
  • skyrim
  • Reus
  • torchlight 2

Looking for:

  • Tomb Raider

Steam ID: light_grenade if you're wanting to trade

Edit: all gone!

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@dgtlty: I'll give you Dead Island for Bioshock! Didn't see your steam-ID anywhere, mine is GustavL.

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Steam-ID is BarrockCQY. Add me if interested in trading.

#323 Posted by Ibaq (14 posts) -


Bioshock Infinite x 2

Football manager x 1


Dead Island



Torchlight 2

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With about three hours of the sale left and no more voting, the base price on the Summer Getaway cards is going back up...

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I still need Torch Light 2 card for the summer getaway badge. I have to trade :

Dead Island Riptide

Football manager

Prison Architect


Tomb Raider

Steam name is "pipe_fx". Let me know, thanks!

*EDIT* I got them, thanks!

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@barrock: I've got a Chivalry for your extra Prison Architect. Already added you.

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I need to get Kerbal, Chivalry and Dead Island.

I have dupes of Bioshock, Football Manager, Reus and Skyrim... Same name on steam if anyone wants to trade.

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With about three hours of the sale left and no more voting, the base price on the Summer Getaway cards is going back up...

This is why I've been hoarding them. Unfortunately there are 30k+ of each card on sale so I don't think I'll be able to make quite as much as I'd hoped.

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@spunkyhepanda: I could give you a Dead Island Riptide for a High Priestess (Binding of Isaac), assuming you still need it.

Steam profile?

Sure thing. This is me.

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Guys, how do the booster packs work? Are people making them, or do they randomly drop into your inventory like the single cards do?

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Extras from steam summer sale that i have are:

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Prison Architect and Tomb Raider

Cards i need are:

Kerbal Space Program, Reus and Football Manager 2013

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@coafi: Once you have gotten all of your drops from a game you will become eligible, they will randomly drop in your inventory because people are making the badges, I got a Garry's Mod pack earlier: Steam says as long as you "log in each week" you will still be eligible.

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@lego_my_eggo: I have an extra Football Manager for your Tomb Raider.

This is me:

#334 Posted by EasyGame (5 posts) -

Looking for Kerbal and Skyrim

Have Reus, Bioshock and Tombraider

Steam name EasyGame

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@coafi: Whenever someone crafts a badge someone else gets a booster pack (at least I think it's 1:1). To be eligible you have to have logged into Steam that week, but beyond that I don't think they've elaborated on what booster pack is made or if there's any way to increase your chances of getting one.

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@nubikal said:

@coafi: Whenever someone crafts a badge someone else gets a booster pack (at least I think it's 1:1). To be eligible you have to have logged into Steam that week, but beyond that I don't think they've elaborated on what booster pack is made or if there's any way to increase your chances of getting one.

I'm still not totally sure how often it checks your "rate of receiving a booster pack drop" (once a day? once a week?), but there's also this bit from the FAQ:

Once eligible, your Steam Level increases your rate of receiving a booster pack drop:

  • Level 10: +20% increase in your drop rate
  • Level 20: +40% increase in your drop rate
  • Level 30: +60% increase in your drop rate
  • Level 40: +80% increase in your drop rate
  • Level 50: +100% increase in your drop rate (i.e. the rate has doubled)
  • Etc.
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DLC Quest: Shopkeep

Magicka: Fire Element & Earth Element

SR3: Oleg Kirrlov the Brute & Pierce Washington

Zombie Driver HD: Racing Time


Steam Getaway Sale: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare & Torchlight 2

Witcher 2:Iorweth, Vernon Roche, Dandelion & Geralt of Rivia

Trading 1:1, steamID: deathskater90

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I have;

Chivalry, Dead Island, Kerbal and Skyrim for trade

I need;

Reus and Tomb Raider.

Steam ID: NoUseForANameNL

#339 Posted by nutta27 (272 posts) -

I have:

  • Soinc and Sega Allstars
  • FTL
  • Awesomenauts

Looking For:

  • Team Fortress 2

nutta708 is the name.

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I have now completed and cashed in ALL of my games and the summer sale cards so now I am looking to trade these summer cards I have left.

  • Bioshock Infinite x 8
  • Chivarly x5
  • Dead Island x6
  • Football Manager x6
  • Kerbal x6
  • Prison Achitect x5
  • Reus x9
  • Tomb Raider x5
  • Tochlight 2 x 7

I also have:

2 Killing Floor Guest passes

33% off Omerta - City of Gangsters

25% off Zeno Clash 2

and 2 10% off Toki Tori 2 coupons for trade.

I am only looking for Skryim from the summer sale, 1 for 1 only: feel free to add me on Steam: King of Classy.

#341 Posted by sir_gunblade (159 posts) -

Willing to trade:

Steam Summer Sale:

  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
  • Dead Island Riptide
  • Tomb Raider
  • Skyrim

Dust An Elysian Tail

  • SmoBop, Fidget, & Bopo
  • Ginger

What I want:

Dust An Elysian Tail

  • Corbin & Colleen
  • Fidget
  • General Gaius
  • Haley & Matti
  • Jin & Cassius
  • Dust & Ahrah

PM me if interested.

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Is anyone still finishing off a Steam Summer Getaway set? I have some leftovers and figured I'd ask here before taking them elsewhere.

I have:

Bioshock Infinite, Chivalry x3, Torchlight II


Dust: An Elysian Tail - General Gaius, Smobop Fidget & Bopo, Haley & Matti, Dust & Ahrah

Portal 2 - Chell, GlaDOS, Intro, The Lab

Sid Meier's Civilization V - Bismark, Economic, Elizabeth I, Military, Science

Sleeping Dogs - Loyalty, Lotus, Family

They Bleed Pixels - The Headmaster, Bomb Imp, Knife Imp, Shambler, Squidy Thing

Tomb Raider - Crossroads, Night Hub, Mountain Climb, Parachute, Survivor

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I hope this doesn't break with the formal of all the other posts too much.

As I play game I have been developing a small number of card but I currently have no clear goal of when it comes to what sets I want to start collecting. Feel free to add me on Steam, I'm up for pretty much any one-to-one trade at this time. I believe you should be able to see if I have any of the card your missing when you attempt to create a badge?

Steam: Package Attack

#344 Posted by LangarN (138 posts) -

I need a Reus, Got Football Manager 2013!

#345 Posted by Coafi (1519 posts) -

OK, I'm trying to get all the L4D2 cards.

So, I have:

  • 2 Boomer
  • 1 Jockey

I need:

  • The Spitter
  • The Smoker
  • The Witch
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Might need to get in the habit of checking the badge page occasionally, few days after the summer sale ended, I noticed the following new games (I had) up in having steam cards now:

  • fortix 2
  • nuclear dawn
  • tales from space: when mutant blobs attack
  • day of defeat: source
  • dlc quest
  • dark fall: lost souls

Full list here of all the steam games now with cards, more coming so once I see what I get from these new ones I'll put some of the duplicates up for trade.


Here's what's up for trade as extras, followed by what I'm after in the brackets, no need to trade cards for the same game, just easier for me to figure out what I have & what I need. I'll update this post as stuff is available to keep from going through multiple forum posts of what I have. Pm me on the site or steam: fox01313

  • Alan Wake: Barry [trade for: Alan, Hartman, Alice, Taken, Pat]
  • DLC Quest: Hoarice [trade for: Player, Shopkeep, Shepherd, Blacksmith]
  • Dark Fall Lost Souls: Broken Dummy, Rusty Shackles [trade for: anything half the cards in this set]
  • Endless Space: Sophons [trade for: anything but Harmony or Horatio]
  • Nuclear Dawn: CT Exo, CT Support [trade for: any of the others for this game]
  • Terraria: 2x of The Hallow, Living Wood [trade for: any of the others for this game]
  • Organ Trail: Chicago [trade for: 3d station wagon, tombstone, concept art]

Other Cards up for trade that I'm not after the set for:

  • Day of Defeat Source: Allied Rocket
  • Tales from Space Mutant Blobs: Frightened Pig

Also will give away the following coupons to whomever wants them: -10% off Toki Tori 2, -50% off Triple Town, -66% off Awesomenauts

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I have 4 WITCHER 2 cards, 2 Organ trail cards and a skyrim steam summer sale getaway card.


The witcher 2 cards are on hold for a user so i wont be trading them but i now have 3 ORGAN TRAIL cards. i will have alan wake cards in the near future aswell.

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