The Giant Bomb Giveaway Thread

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@The_Laughing_Man: I've found that aiming for a game doesn't really work. I really just look at any giveaway and if I think I would remotely want this game I enter. If I really want a game, I just buy it.

+1 I like to think of it as a nice surprise when I win! I know Ill play them if I win them but if its something I really want, I would had already bought it. That being said I understand not everyone has enough money to buy every game they want, thats why I make myself a budget and do alot of research before committing to buying a game...need to make sure its worth the money first.

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@8bit_Archer: Absolutely! I totally did not mean to imply people should just spend money willy nilly. I know times are tough and budgets are lean for everyone. The right mindset going into things can make all the difference though. Aim for one type of tree in a forest and you are likely to miss, aim for all of them with napalm, well you for sure got that motherf***ing tree. With that in mind, more trees need to burn (wait, what was I talking about?) NVM, MOAR giveaways!

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Quality games there Yapa! Thanks for giving us the chance to win these.

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Want to thank @AllIsHeresy: again for Sleeping Dogs, great game!

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@triple07: You're welcome :)

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@Wikitoups: Thanks for the basement collection!!!!!!

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@AllIsHeresy: haha, of all the games I could've won, it was DmC. Thanks!

Now I can play it myself and see what all the fuss is about.

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I can't remember if I used this code for Dragon Age: Origins or not. Does anyone want to try it and see if it works. If it does, let me know and I have the one for the dlc too.

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#1462 Posted by cypher89 (67 posts) - only lists the Warhammer 40k GOTY edition but I don't know if it is or not, it's from the THQ bundle. Good luck to you duders!
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Thanks for being awesome guys. Here's a little something for me to give back.
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Thanks for setting this up!

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Ok so I just joined into the group and thanks to everyone who has given away games so far.

I figured that before I actually win anything from here I'd give a little something back, Now I'm going to apologize right off the bat for it being the sequel and not 2017 since this one just isn't as good as 2017 was, But anyway here you go guys

Also this is for the Complete Pack which includes all of the DLC

Good luck Duders

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@Coombs: It tries to link back to this thread, but with a garbled address. It is trying to go here:***

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@Subjugation: Damn, I followed the directions in the OP

Can anyone explain how to fix this? For now I will just add a direct link under it.

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@Coombs: I believe your HTML should look like

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

That should produce this

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Flash giveaway!

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Couple small giveaways!

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@Coombs: There are two *** sections to place the address into one at the beginning and one in the middle if you don't have both the links don't work. I did the same thing last week but someone pointed it out to me.

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Wow Yeah ok even after going back and looking at it again to make sure I had done it right I didn't notice that first set

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@cypher89: Thanks duder

Also I sent out EDF to whoever it was that won (Your Email is weird btw lol)

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Eh, okay, well, with the lack of pretty banners right now, here's a link to my profile there, it's easier. I added some Deus Ex: HR dlc and Red Faction Guerrila.

Hmm links are a bit touchy too... try again.

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Looks like Flatout didn't give me credit since it was in a bundle. I have an extra copy of Wanderlust from a 4-pack that I'll give away here that will certainly put me over $1,000! =D

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Looks like Flatout didn't give me credit since it was in a bundle. I have an extra copy of Wanderlust from a 4-pack that I'll give away here that will certainly put me over $1,000! =D


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Hmmm..... Seems GB would be better off to bring back HTML and Recent posts on the main page, I have noticed i haven't been using the forums as much since the switch and it seems a lot of other people are doing the same.

Oh well lets keep the GB giveaway community alive and well

Alien Breed Trilogy (Open Until Monday Night)

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@dizzymedal: Thanks for Giveaways....hopefully will get my hands on either titan quest or Saints Row this time but if not oh well, isnt like I dont have Ni no Kuni to finish :P

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@allisheresy: Thanks for the Giveaways, I love Tomb Raider, or at least the PS1 ones never play any on my PC

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@allisheresy: Those are some awesome giveaways. I've been meaning to play a Tomb Raider game for ages and Two Worlds 2 actually seems like an interesting game.

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@streetninja: You're welcome :) I really enjoyed Two Worlds 2, it is a bit rough around the edges, but I think it's a welcome improvement from the original game.

@8bit_archer: Thankies ^^ All the pre-360/PS3 Tomb Raiders completely passed me by unfortunately, thanks to never having the hardware for them (I was brought up on Nintendo). But since Legend I've been quite a big fan, and I'm cautiously optimistic for the new one.

Oh, on a general gifting note, I'm running giveaways up until the end of March, with (as I'm doing already) two sets each week going up on Saturday and Tuesday (plus some stragglers if a great bundle turns up).

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I need an invite if possible. I'm 5:00FreeCrackGiveaway.

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@coombs said:

How about some DLC?

Fable III - Traitor's Keep Quest Pack (Open until Saturday night)

Thank you sir for your generous contribution to my library. It was truly nice of you to donate this DLC directly to my account.

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So, I got this indie gala bundle with a bunch a keys I don't need because of Talisman so I'm giving the other keys away.






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Think i will be making a giveaway or 2 this week, need to see if these retail keys work first though, if not i can always mail the physical copy to someone, i guess. So can't use the retail version of alpha protocol, so if anyone wants it I will mail it and maybe some other junk too (like a woot boc, just pm me and we can talk) Will make a giveaway tomorrow.

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