The Giant Bomb Giveaway Thread

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Apologise but I've had to cancel the giveaway for Bioshock Infinite, AMD went and screwed me over. They emailed me yesterday to inform me the key they provided was no longer suitable, it was part of their Never Settle deal and I'm rather frustrated about it. Sorry about that folks, never want to let you guys and gals down. :(

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I have a civ v key if anyone wants it

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i want it.

can you pm me with the key?

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I gave some codes to the moderators to give away during the Extra Life streams, be sure to check out the chat later today, duders!


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@moonlightmoth: thanks so much! I won remember me, my first win in the group! Happy is me. :)

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Your Profile Pic freaks me the fuck

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I've just created a giveaway for Rock of Ages, and you can find it right here!

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@moonlightmoth is at it again! Thanks so much for all your giveaways duder, although I have yet to win one of yours I still think it's super awesome what you've done for the GB community.

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Can you help me ?

How to join The Giant Bomb Giveaway Group ?

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@rawknro11a: Thank you very much :) Hopefully you'll win something from me soon, but in any case, I really do appreciate the kind words.

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New giveaway:

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Happy Thanksgiving Guys! Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays (or just their day!). Been a while since I made a giveaway and had Bioshock leftover from the Amazon deal. Felt that made a paltry offering so I bought a few other things from the Steam Sale.

Also, Dark Souls is amazing guys. More people need to play it.

(Edit: Also apparently this is my 100th post so YEAH to that)

Bioshock 2
Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition
Game Dev Tycoon
Final Fantasy VII
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@moonlightmoth: Wow, thanks as always, MM. Even though I haven't ever won something from you, please know that your generosity toward fellow members is greatly appreciated. :)

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Happy holidays and thanks everyone :-)

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@moonlightmoth: Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays MM! A super generous giveaway(s) to end the year on. Thanks a bunch!

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@moonlightmoth: a huge thank you to you for your seemingly endless giveaways

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@moonlightmoth: That's amazing of you. Thanks for all the gifts to the community this year!

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I'm beginning to suspect you're a secret Robin Hood esque figure, stealing from the video game rich to give to the video game poor. It's either that or you are a crazy person, but in a good and very generous way.

Either way, thanks!

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@moonlightmoth: Thanks moth for all the giveaways (even though i haven't won any of them :( ).

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@moonlightmoth: Thanks for Kerbal Space Program! Your giveaways have been amazing!

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