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I was looking through Steam and noticed that only the third game (Deadly Shadows) appears to be available. Is this a location restriction thing or are the first two games not on Steam at all? I was hoping for a Thief collection or something...

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Only the third here in the UK. Pity the first scared the hell out of me. Still own it actually.

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I have Thief Gold and it's a bitch to get running properly on new machines. The real reason it's not on Steam is probably more of a licensing issue though.

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Thief 3 is Ion Storm.

One and two might have licensing problems since Looking Glass no longer exists. Irrational Games is the closest successor. Not sure about the legal side of things. Eidos owns the publishing rights, which means it could very well appear on Steam at some point.

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My general feeling is that the games aren't available on DD services because the Dark Engine is extremely flighty on modern hardware. Some machines run it great, others... not so much.


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