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Steam introduces tagging of games by users.

Fucking finally, amirighte!

I don't know about others but I am excited as, as something, ah screw it I am just really happy about this. Why? Because the Steam genre categories were unusable for years now, with very broad categories and games shoved into as many genres as possible. Being able to see tags on games I know little about will at least give a rough surface idea instantly. Or being able to do more nuanced searches when craving something in particular

Of course a lot of it is in flux and we still have to see how it all shakes out. Especially with dupes and popularity based tags. But so far the Turn Based Strategy tag alone for me is priceless.

Anyone else going through their library and taggin some shit up?

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Hmm, I can't edit my own topic and main post for some reason?

Anyway, a bit disappointing to see a bit of early abuse already going on, with people putting spoilers in tags and some other seriously pithy useless shit rising to the top :/

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Yeah, the tags seem like a really cool and useful idea. Can't have such a thing without people ruining it. They're not even using the Not a Game tag right. Why are Saints Row IV and Hospital Tycoon on there? Hospital Tycoon is broken garbage but it's still a game.

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Unfortunately there's a lot of tag trolling. I will admit that some of the tag trolling is funny, but at a certain point, it just becomes obstructive. For example, if you look at "masterpiece", roughly half are sarcastic.

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Unfortunately there's a lot of tag trolling. I will admit that some of the tag trolling is funny, but at a certain point, it just becomes obstructive. For example, if you look at "masterpiece", roughly half are sarcastic.

Yeaaap :/

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grosssssssss why give any power to the people... people suck!

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Tags were a terrible idea. Doesn't Steam know who its targeted audience is?

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The interesting part is that this tag system IS actually working for the positive stuff and for genres/categories in general.

The problem are the negative/troll/spite tags, that's where "the internet" being what it is rears it's ugly head. It's almost as if it needs just a bit of official control/curation cleanup effort. *cough* >.>

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Dota 2 tags: Free to Play, Better than League, ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ.

Fez tags: Choke on it, choking hazard, Diva Dev.

Dear Esther tags: Walking Simulator, Not a game, Indie, Casual.

DMC tags: Edgy, Donte, #TooEdgy4U, Shakespearean.


The steam forums are now leaking on the store pages. Genius.

edit: There's a tag for Walking Dead season 1 that spoils the ending. That sure is helpful...

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i think they are a great idea. ^ He He

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It's a great, funny, light-hearted feature.

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Really can't believe Valve implemented this because, y'know, surely they have some awareness of this thing called the Internet?

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It's a good idea but it's surprising how lazily Valve regurgitated this feature out. The negative consequence is so obvious that i have to sit back and wonder if they launched it this way knowing it would get people talking about the feature.

Aside from just the trolling, the fact that your personal tags don't work for your Library, where tags would actually be useful for people with a lot of games, is a pretty oblivious over site.

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Hopefully as more people use tags it will drown out the trolling.or maybe require game ownership to be able to tag games.

I find the personally recommend tags to be hilariously bland; fps, action, strategy, simulation. I'm sure these categories existed before valve outsourced it to the screaming masses.

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Well, it ain't all bad.

#16 Posted by GorillaMoPena (2608 posts) -

maybe it isn't that bad

nope nevermind

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Some of the tags are pretty funny, but yeah, it's kind of annoying that there's a lot of abuse going on, and holycrap the Witcher 1 and 2 are only SIX DOLLARS. That is freaking STEALING at that price, holy crap.

Half Life 2: Episode One in the story rich tab... Yeah, come on now. This feature could be amazing, but people are just being assholes.

A feminist tag with no games relating to it...

Hey, there's an anime tag that actually has anime related stuff in it, so that's good.

Yeah, they need someone to moderate this crap.

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Great idea. Terribly executed. For as smart as Valve is I don't understand how they were too dumb to see this coming.

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well it's slowly updating, from GorillaMonPena's post

well, here's the real issue, who thinks Steam Community is a bit..... hmmmm.... I don't know how to put it.... like always off? It's like a weird audience that's always odd, like loud obnoxious teenagers. Valve keeps pushing the steam community and most of the time it become a mild interest until it crashes and burns like Greenlight.

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They would not even need to moderate every tag in every game.

All that is really required is a curated list of official tags (picked out of the most used ones) that would ignore garbage like "not a game" or "masterpiece" and consolidate categories that mean the same thing (there are like half a dozen turn based strategy tags), kept occasionally up to date. And then only surface those tags out of the overall approved list, when people glance at game's store pages or do searches or in the popular tags section. The bullshit tags can even still be there, just not used/surfaced but visible when you say go to edit your own tags for that game for example.

Sure it would still be open to small amounts of abuse, but 99% of the nonsense that's happening right now would be gone.

(i will also agree with the suggestion that tagging should be restricted to those who own the game, or at least have non 0 play time if it's f2p or in case of something like a free weekend promo)

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