What is your steam account worth?

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#51 Posted by Tordah (2479 posts) -

Found 42 Games with a value of $428.58 USD
I checked my Steam account history and the actual sum I've paid for all those games is $75.24. :D

#52 Posted by WilliamRLBaker (4777 posts) -

139 dollars, I've been a member since 2005.

#53 Edited by zyn (2591 posts) -

$20.  But, I only have Portal (and Alien Swarm) and they were free!
EDIT:  Link.

#54 Edited by Chaser324 (6546 posts) -

Found 52 Games with a value of $779.48 USD 
However, I know I haven't actually spent that much since the majority of the Steam games I've got were purchased when they were on sale. This TellTale collection looks like it's the main thing that's really padding that number.

#55 Edited by JammyJesus (770 posts) -

1284.07... Not bad.
 It says it has found 94 games, but I have 103 games on steam, non added.

#56 Posted by NinjaDuckie (36 posts) -

I bought the THQ pack when it was at 50% off. 
74 games at $939.27.. 
I've sunk almost six hundred £GBP into steam games.  I could be using that money right now to pay my rent. FML.

#57 Posted by mathkor (93 posts) -

$3,267.93 USD - 240 games

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