What was the First Game You Bought on Steam?

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first game i bought ON steam? well not half life 2 since that i got in a store and had to get steam for it. it was my first steam game though, the first one i purchased on steam....lemme look if i can remember. i THINK it was Titan Quest and its expansion, i played a demo of it somewhere and loved it. so i bought it on steam. fun diablo clone which imo is better than diablo lol

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Half Life 2 doesn't really count (bought that in 2005 or 2006 I believe) in my book so let's check my steam history ...


Thief: Deadly Shadows

followed by Torchlight and VVVVVV. I believe that's when they got me with a big sale for the first time ... that was right after I bought The Orange Box after years of ignorance.

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13 Dec 2008



Dawn of War Platinum Edition, Team Fortress 2

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Audiosurf. I bought it about 2 years before I actually started using Steam.

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Half-Life Platinum Pack then Half-Life 2.

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The Oddworld stuff, pretty sure when it was just released, too. Which reminds me: Munch's Oddysee still crashes for me after the first level : (

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CS 1.6 I quit for a few years and had an itch for it.

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The Orange Box

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@Shivoa said:

I'm going to bet my answer is also going to be, by far, the most common: HL2.

Was mine. Since then I've bought 450 games.

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Half Life 2

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First Steam game is Half-Life 2, but first game I purchased from the Steam store was Garry's Mod.

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Bought and activated with Steam? Half-Life 2.

Bought through Steam? I actually have no idea. But I wasn't too big on digital distribution (other than indie games that couldn't be purchased any other way) until relatively recently.

::EDIT:: Turns out it was the Commander Keen Complete Pack. I'm proud of that.

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The retail version of Left 4 Dead, if that counts; then remember that Portal 2 on the PS3 also came with the Steam version and my brother gave me that; and then the first actual, honest-to-God game I bought through the Steam store and downloaded and played via Steam was a Far Cry pack which included the first two games for like seven dollars. Next was the Valve Complete pack, and the rest is history.

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Half-Life 2 and Garry's Mod.

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First used steam for the CS beta that also betaed steam. Made a new Steam account for HL2 release as I thought I couldn't add the HL2 retail to the beta account.

The first game I actually bought through Steam was Rag Doll Kung Fu, iirc.

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My first Steam game was Team Fortress 2. They had a free weekend during one of their updates (the Spy vs. Sniper update), and I bought it for $10 then. And now I have something like 600+ hours put into that game.

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Retail copy of The Orange Box and a trail copy of Shatter.

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I think it was Left 4 Dead. I was a little late to the Steam bandwagon. (Actually, I was late to PC gaming in general.)

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mine was counter strike source and garrys mod bundle. 5 years ago.

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Mine was Team Fortress 2.

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@Shivoa said:

I'm going to bet my answer is also going to be, by far, the most common: HL2.

Yup yup, me too.

5 f'in cd's and an internet connection required. So worth it.

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Sam and Max, I think? Either that or Tales of Monkey Island.

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I bought HL2 retail and...I think I used steam somehow? I don't remember, that was like 2001. The first thing I do remember buying on Steam was the THQ pack a few years back for $50. Like, 13 games and 5 DLC packs or something then.

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The Witcher... bastard (still to this day) doesn't even work on my computer; I literally can't even boot it up.

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All the games in the retail Half-Life 1 Anthology. I thought it was totally stupid that I needed to use Steam to play these old games, but I went along with it and that's how they got me.

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The Binding of Isaac, during the Steam sale this year.

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I started Steam when I was gifted Half-Life 2. The first thing I ever bought on Steam was the Orange Box over a year later.

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I thought it was Torchlight, but it turned out to be Audiosurf.

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The Orange Box. I was there in the beginning.

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The Orange Box, retail.

Since that clearly doesn't count, Garry's Mod.

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Super Meat Boy. I thought it was Braid but I checked my history.

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CSS I think

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The first game I actually bought through Steam was Medieval II back in 2008

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HL1 just for CS 7

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Probably Counter Strike, or Half Life 2.

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HL / CS 1.5? (or did it launch on 1.6? Don't remember)

Anyway, the launch of Steam where it was initially just a server browser where Valve replaced the WONID system with the STEAMID system, bending over and sodomising server admins everywhere as all the motherfuckers we had spent years demoing and banning suddenly found themselves able to get back into our servers.

Still, they eventually sorted their shit out and made it into something incredibly rad.

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I always registered everything until The Orange Box, which made me a believer in digital games.

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@CosmicBatman said:

Super Meat Boy. I thought it was Braid but I checked my history.

Get out while you can.

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Team Fortress 2 is listed as my first purchase after the complimentary Half-Life Platinum Pack and Counter Strike Source. I'm pretty sure those weren't complimentary though..

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Probably the pack that came with Garry's Mod and Counter Strike: Source.

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@Dagbiker said:

@CosmicBatman said:

Super Meat Boy. I thought it was Braid but I checked my history.

Get out while you can.

Now I have 20+ games and I'm still not done Super Meat Boy.

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Magicka, and like most other Steam purchases, I've never played it.

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Super ID Software Pack, Audiosurf, Plants vs. Zombies, Lucasarts Jedi Knight Bundle, Torchlight, Serious Sam HD (US) were all purchased on my first day of Steam - December 24, 2009. I was so late to the game...

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FIrst game I actually bought through steam was the ship single player

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I had copy of Half life that I played mods with like CS and TF...then I had to buy another copy since the CDkey went weird. Loaded up the game and was met with "you must register this with steam." and did so.

So I had Half life, CS,TF, Day of defeat. All from the start.

Then I bought in-store.....CS source and Day of Defeat source. Then a copy of Half life 2.

My first actual purchase off steam was Freedon fighters. I then bought a ton of other things.

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