xi3 Piston Price and Release Date

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"Piston is smaller, lighter, and will last longer, provide more gaming options and be more powerful than any other gaming console on the planet," Sullivan added. "The reason I feel confident in saying this is because we started with a clean slate, unlike competing manufacturers. And that Tabula Rasa approach is what sets Piston apart from other gaming systems today and what will set us apart tomorrow."

On debut, the Piston will feature a $999 price tag. Though Sullivan didn't explain the console's hardware specs, he does note that Xi3 has unexpectedly increased the system's memory. Alongside the previously revealed 128GB solid state hard drive, the Piston will also feature an additional solid state hard drive slot, as well as an internal MicroSD card slot. These additions allow the Piston to utilize up to 1TB of storage.

Prospective Piston owners who pre-ordered the console at or before this year's SXSW will receive their machines early. According to Sullivan, these Pistons should be reaching their owners "on or before November 15, 2013."

joystiq: Teeny weeny Piston gaming PC arrives November 29

So, no exact specs. Although, there does seem to be inclusion a SSD, and room for a 1TB HDD. Price is $1,000. Just about as the price of an OG PS3 and PS4 combined. Athough certainly cheaper than a $1,500 PC. And still certainly cheaper than the $2,000 gaming PC my friend is still building.

Anyway, do you think the $1,000 price point is from a lower tier, or middle or even high tier? SSD and that nifty robot controller might just make this a worthy purchase for some, rather than a downright tower PC. Thoughts?

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I don't know nothing about PC, but the specs seem kinda low, aren't they ?

I mean, it is gonna run the games avalaible right now, but I don't think it'll survive the next generation gap. Maybe I'm wrong.

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It's kind of hard to determine wether it's worth the $1000, but if the specification are on par with next-gen, which should be easier with mantle the new api by AMD. And this combined with a realistic upgrade path could make this little box very attractive. But without an easy way to upgrade. I really can't see this beating out a console that is at least $500 dollars. cheaper or a $1000 gaming pc which is almost certain to have better hardware. So I am curious how far the small form factor will take them.

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That's one pricey-ass Ouya.

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Who would pre-order a $1000 PC without knowing the specs :\

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$1000? Well, you can forget that one. You can buy a pre-built one for around that much, or you can spend that much on parts to build one yourself and get a pretty nice computer. Or you can buy both a PS4 and a Xbox One.

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The page they have up mentions a 4 core AMD CPU that comes with a 7000 series, won't say which, GPU. 8 GB of DDR3 RAM which I assume is shared with the GPU. It looks really freaking small for a full on PC that will play games. I don't know but the $1000 price seems way too high. I don't think this is for us though as when you come in here, most people will tell you to build your own PC. I built one recently that was under $1000 and threw in a GTX 770 in there so you can't compare. Of course they are touting upgrades later in the future but as PC gaming stands now, if you build a PC, you really only upgrade the GPU until its time to just build a whole new PC.

It is just that they are really competing against the prebuilt gaming PCs and the consoles. And what are they banking on? Size? That's all I see this thing has got going for it. But I wouldn't go with this based on physics alone. I see the pics on the site and they are really counting on this being low power, and if you can't raise the juice without frying it with such a small fan or no fan? then it can't be as powerful as one would hope to compete against a PS4. At $1000 bucks, they are putting the price up there because they have to make money on it unlike the console manufacturers. Xi3 probably won't get money from Steam sales. And they are throwing in a SSD, even a 128 raises the price up.

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Nah, they can keep it. I'm not paying a thousand bucks for a console. Like someone mention I can probably build a gaming pc with that money. I can already see this console isn't going to sell well.

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There is a huge performance gap between the low-end and high-end HD 7xxx series. Really dubious thing to advertise.

Does it come with a controller, keyboard/mouse, or gabepad? I don't see anything about an included input device in their press release.

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Think most people in this thread already know it. For anyone not familiar with the Piston; I just wanted to point out that Valve kicked these bums to the curb a while ago.

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A thousand bucks? Oh yeah that's totally gonna kill the home consoles, watch out!

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