Your Steam Summer Sale 2012 Budget?

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#1 Posted by BeachThunder (12410 posts) -

If you have a budget for the Steam sale that's coming up in a couple of days, feel free to share it; personally, I'm going to try to spend no more than $50.

It will be interesting to see how everyone's budgets match up with how much they actually spend :o

#2 Posted by DillonWerner (1520 posts) -

I can't budget these things

#3 Edited by mandude (2666 posts) -

What with Amazon and PSN already doing sales, I've spent $102 this month already. No doubt, Steam will see my credit card maxed out, my fridge empty, my bills unpaid and my eventual step into homelessness.

#4 Edited by horseman6 (468 posts) -

Probably $150. I missed the last steam sale because I was in South Africa. (Oh Yeah, Rubbing it In) I have a lot of stuff I want to pick up. So yeah, I'm expecting to pick up $400+ games.

#5 Posted by ConfusedOwl (965 posts) -

0$ unfortunately. I couldn't wait so spent all I had on the Amazon sale. I'll have to wait till the next summer sale.

#6 Posted by Klei (1768 posts) -

40$. Anyways, with the past three years of Steam sales, I realized they are usually super useless for me. Why? Because chances are, I've already played most of these games (rented on consoles) and even if I purchase them for 7$, I'll only play them for two hours until I never play them again.

#7 Posted by Kidavenger (3628 posts) -

There is almost nothing left that I would want to buy, I may pick up the 2k pack, and possibly Batman: Arkham City if they have a game of the year edition.

#8 Posted by Sackmanjones (4761 posts) -

I've spent $87 so far from Amazon. But I would have paid over $250 if I didn't hit the sale so in other words if I see stuff I want on steam I'm gonna get it. I also get paid next Wednesday so hopefully that will be smack dab in the middle of the sale.

#9 Posted by Getz (3154 posts) -

you know, thank god my computer is melting bird shit because if I could actually play games on it I'd be broke 10 times over.

#10 Posted by Village_Guy (2662 posts) -

Zero dollars.

I don't know why, but I don't like buying games "virtually", and for some reason I would even less want to buy from Steam.

My disliking for Steam comes from the bad experiences I have had with Steam, but I generally don't feel very secure about buying digital games on the PC...

#11 Posted by BaneFireLord (2957 posts) -

I'm also going to attempt to only spend $50.

#12 Posted by Ben_H (3429 posts) -

Probably 20 bucks. I already own 180 games on Steam and have basically everything I want.

#13 Posted by MstrMnyBgs (128 posts) -

All signs seem to point at the sale starting on the 12th, since this weeks Midweek Madness ends on Thursday 10 AM, rather than the usual 4pm.

#14 Posted by CornBREDX (5987 posts) -

I keep it around 100$, assuming there's anything I actually want

#15 Posted by TheHT (11777 posts) -

Bills came in and stole my Steam Sale budget.

#16 Posted by Echofoxz (98 posts) -

Probably less than $30. I spent so much money last year buying a ton of unnecessary games that I feel guilty this year.

#17 Posted by BlamBlam (47 posts) -

There is no budget. Come at me Valve.

#18 Posted by Grimluck343 (1160 posts) -

You can stretch $15 a long way during a Steam sale. But yeah, I think I spent about $150 during the winter sale.

#19 Posted by SuperWristBands (2266 posts) -

I'm gonna put my limit at $60 and try real hard not to hit that number. The number being so high is in case there are multiple games I want at the ~$20 range but for the most part I won't be buying anything unless it is less than $5.

#20 Posted by pyromagnestir (4339 posts) -

My budget is made up exclusively of blood, sweat, and tears.

#21 Posted by VierasTalo (933 posts) -

I'm getting a bonus this month, so basically everything I want. The limit would be around 700 euros, but I'm already spending 300 or so on B&N's Criterion sale, so it'll be a maximum of 400. But I usually use around 50-100 euros on this sale, so I think I can throw some cash into the bank as well.

#22 Posted by Encephalon (1332 posts) -

$50, max.

#23 Posted by Inkerman (1455 posts) -

I don't have a budget, I have some games I want to buy, and then will check out the daily deals.

#24 Posted by Red (5994 posts) -

I don't really have a budget. I mean, I'm not going to go crazy (I doubt I'll spend more than $50), but if I see something on sale that I want, I'm getting it.

That being said, the only games I really want out of the sale are PC versions of my 360 Bethesda games, and maybe Kingdoms of Amalur.

#25 Posted by Tim_the_Corsair (3065 posts) -

There is no budget. Come at me Valve.

#26 Edited by WarlockEngineerMoreDakka (428 posts) -

Eh, I save my big spending for the end of the year. :P (And Steam's christmas sales :P )

So I don't see myself spending any more than $30. I already have plans for about $15- so only time will tell if I go any further than that.

It's not exactly a budget though- just a prediction. :P

#27 Posted by Zombifreak (28 posts) -

Roughly $395

#28 Posted by CL60 (16906 posts) -


#29 Posted by theoldhouse (439 posts) -

60 MAX

any more and I aint gonna eat y'all

#30 Posted by ikaruga (194 posts) -

probably less than $50 i already have over 300 games on steam. I should start playing them.

#31 Posted by MyNiceIceLife (634 posts) -

I'd like to keep it under $25 and since there isn't much that i want on their anyways (endless space, analogue, and walking dead) i'll hopefully be able to keep to it since i don't have much money anyways.

#32 Posted by mrfizzy (1554 posts) -

About $50 is what I am aiming for. I just want to know when it is going to happen!

#33 Posted by BeachThunder (12410 posts) -

@mrfizzy said:

About $50 is what I am aiming for. I just want to know when it is going to happen!

I'm 99% sure that it's happening on the 12th.

#34 Edited by EquitasInvictus (2030 posts) -

@CL60: You could practically buy Train Simulator and all of its DLC ten times even without the sale!

As for me, I'm going to try to keep my gaming expenses down to $100, but when it comes down to it...

#35 Posted by Vextroid (1429 posts) -

At least $100.

#36 Posted by Grilledcheez (3957 posts) -

Very minimal, I spent most of the money I should have saved.

#37 Edited by MikeFightNight (1117 posts) -

1. I'll buy whatever I think I am going to play,

2. Then I will tell myself by not buying them at such a low price I am in fact losing money.

3. Then I probably won't play them.

My backlog is ridiculous, I still need to play Batman AA.

#38 Posted by Brake (1126 posts) -

Probably 'round 50€. Of course I can talk myself into spending way more than that. Also, I already spent like 25€ on other sales.

#39 Posted by Dalai (7069 posts) -

I won't really know until the last day, but I doubt I'll spend over $50.

#40 Edited by bybeach (4994 posts) -

I expect betwixt $40.00 and $60.00...maybe a bit more actually. there are potentially 3 full length titles, and some indies I have in mind.

#41 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6789 posts) -

I'm only going to buy things that are insanely cheap and I want very badly. I may not even spend anything. Only thing I can think of is Sniper Elite V2 if it goes for 12.50 (75% off) and Alan Wake if I can pick it up for under 10 bucks. Maybe Darkness II if it's ~5 dollars but I doubt it will go on sale for that.

#42 Edited by BabyChooChoo (4805 posts) -

@mandude said:

What with Amazon and PSN already doing sales, I've spent $102 this month already. No doubt, Steam will see my credit card maxed out, my fridge empty, my bills unpaid and my eventual step into homelessness.

...and it will be worth it. "Roof over my head? Fuck that. I just got Skyrim for 50 cents lol"

edit: But on a serious note, there's not much, if anything, I can think of that I want.The only things that come to mind that I would consider buying is Spellforce 2: FiD, LotR: WitN, and the Pendulo Pack.

#43 Posted by Soapy86 (2619 posts) -

If that leaked list is legit, then I'll probably be spending less than $20, which is great for me because I decided I wasn't going to spend more than $30.

#44 Edited by Woodles (43 posts) -

I got like 30 dollars in my steam wallet atm so that's my budget for now... If that leak list is accurate I'll probably be only picking up Saints Row: The Third, and Sniper Elite V2.

#45 Posted by MikkaQ (10344 posts) -

As per usual I'm going in no-budget like a goddamn madman. Although now it's sensible at this point, because I feel like I own almost everything of interest to me on Steam, so I can't possibly spend that much money.

#46 Posted by Samael2138 (233 posts) -

The last summer sale and winter sale I was completely broke. I had to scrounge $ together just to get the one or 2 things I couldn't live without.

Not this year. As so eloquently put it "I'm going in no-budget like a goddamn madman". Hoping to keep it under $200, but that's just hope, lol. I've missed quite a few games over my last 2 years of being destitute.

Shitty thing is, I only have about 20GB left between my C: drive and my external drive. I'm waiting for my new rig, but that won't be here until the 20th at the earliest. Probably buy everything I want, then just down load it on my new PC. Gonna be giving the old broadband quite a workout when my PC arrives! Luckily I don't have any bandwith caps, lol!

#47 Posted by BadNews (558 posts) -

$150 dollars with a good $50 dollar flexible end. I doubt that will come up.

#48 Posted by Nekroskop (2786 posts) -

How much is the entire steam-catalogue again?

#49 Posted by Zella (820 posts) -

$50, only big dollar thing I am interested in is a possible Assassin's Creed Pack or maybe Crusader Kings 2, the rest will likely go to 5 dollar games and discount dlc.

#50 Posted by Addfwyn (1947 posts) -

I'm going to be in Korea, and thus away from my computer. Mwhaha, I shall save money by fleeing the country!

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