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Steef are an intelligent race native to the continent of Mudos on Oddworld. Their four legs are used for locomotion, while two additional limbs with opposable thumbs allow Steef to use tools and weapons. Possessing traits compared to those of a lion, a gorilla and a horse, they have the potential for great physical strength and can serve as effective warriors. Steef society appears to be quite rudimentary, with herds functioning as the primary social unit.

Historically, Steef have acted as the protectors of the timid Grubb tribe native to western Mudos. In more recent years, Steef herds have all but disappeared as a result of the lucrative bounties paid for their heads. These bounties are posted by the enigmatic Sekto, the Oktigi boss of the Sekto Springs Bottled Water Company, who aims to completely eliminate any Steef presence in Mongo Valley as the ultimate resolution to a long-standing conflict between their species.

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