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Steel Battalion (Tekki) is a Japanese Xbox mecha game with a twist: the player controls the mech, called Vertical Tank, with an actual cockpit-controller. This controller also works on the sequel, Steel Battalion: Line of Contact, and is required to play these games.


The cockpit controller.

The cockpit-controller made for Steel Battalion has about 40 buttons and two control sticks. Because of the size of the controller, it was made in small quantities, making this game quite a collectors item. It has later been re-released in limited quantites in the US for the normal retail price (about 200$)

The controller has everything necessary to control the VT, from starting it up to shutting down or ejecting in the worst case scenario.

The Vehicle

The Vertical Tank, or VT, is the primary vehicle in Steel Battalion. The VTs are bipedal walking weapons-platforms, and they come in three different types. Throughout the game the player unlocks new generations, making them better in every way.

Operating system, start-up sequence and combat functions all change from generation to generation.

  • The Light VTs are the mobile class, mostly used for hunting down fleeing enemies, or attacking bases after their main defenses are taken out. These VTs can be airdropped, making them a valuable tactical asset.
  • The Middle VTs are the main offensive force. They are both agile, while also having decent weapons and good armor.
  • The Heavy VTs have the best armor and firepower. But due to their weight and low mobility, they are mostly used for base defenses and the like.

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