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Stephen "Ste" Curran is a former games journalist (EDGE) and (along with Simon Byron and Anne Scantlebury) hosts the One Life Left radio show/podcast on London's Resonance FM, being the more responsible of the trio his duties involve remembering to press play on the CD for the musical beds, and admonishing Simon Byron for playing listeners Paedophile songs. During one show, Simon mentioned that a guy called Jonathan Blow was trying to get hold of resident poet Craig "The Rage" McClelland presumably pertaining to Braid, though it's not known if anything came to fruition between the two. It is worth noting that in the shows reviews section, every game gets 7/10 on a par with every other outlet that uses the 6-9 scale.

In childhood, Curran created a comic in which those in need of help would shout for the eponymous "Stephen!." and the hero would answer "Just coming." (as would a child when called) Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish read an email detailing this on their BBC 6 Music radio show/podcast. The call and response "STEPHEN!"......."Coming!" memetic has perpetuated ever since and can often be heard in a large concert crowd to identify fellow Dr Sexy and Count Buckulese fans. (Youtube - Birth of Stephen)

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