Hesitant. Stoked is Fishy.

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I'm hesitant too. I know I'm going to be buying a snowboarding game soon, be it this or Shaun White, just because I really really want a snowboarding game, but I dont think you should let the $40 price put you off on it. I mean look at Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise and Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts. both are great games for $40. Still I would say wait on reviews though

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ive never heard of it.

perhaps thats why its 40$


edit = None yet by the looks, but i found out the developers name is Bongfish. Which is awesome.

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I'm a bit skeptical too, but mostly due to a lack of enthusiasm by the general gaming press.  Then again, many of my favorite games this year got little to no coverage, so that might not be any indication at all.  I'm really hoping for a demo at the very least or more gameplay videos.  It does look promising.

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The 40 dollar price point is likely to try and undersell shaun white. which is a pretty good strategy.

From what I've heard the game is pretty solid, a couple minor control issues, and some bad character models, but overall the majority of players have said it's way better than ign gave it credit for.

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I think its actually pretty good.  You can tell it didn't have the biggest budget in the world, but over all it's pretty fun.  I've been enjoying it way more than Amped 3 and I didn't play Shaun White because A) lots of negative feedback and B) I think he is kind of a tool.  But more people should check out stoked.  It's not perfect, but if enough people pick it up they might make a sequel and have a decent budget to do so with - and Stoked 2 could be a great game.

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