Hucker Style tutorial broken?

#1 Posted by caesius6 (204 posts) -

Been on this for may too long and it's starting to get realllly annoying. Been all over the internet looking for help. The grab bible says that just pressing left trigger is a grab, and just pressing right trigger is a different grab. That's two grabs and thats all the tutorial requires, yet if i do that, it still fails me.

Anyone have any fucking idea what to do? It's so god damn annoying.
#2 Posted by NumbThumb (55 posts) -

Man, I'm sure you're not going to check this since I'm 6 months late -- but in case you do - or you pick up BIG AIR need to do two different grabs for sure, and I believe at least a 540 or 700 as well. The only way I was able to get through Huck achievements was by doing as many tricks as possible in one jump

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