Is anybody else STOKED for this game?

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Dude, a snowboarding game that aim's to create a more realistic feel of the sport. Yes please. I love snowboarding but I have never really liked snowboarding games with the possible exception of SSX on the PS2, and this game looks and sounds totally sick to me. I can't wait till it is released supposedly this month

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You're horrible.

I only just heard of this game, but apparently there's a good number of people looking forward to it.

#3 Posted by pirate_republic (1117 posts) -

I see what you did there.

#4 Posted by Will1Lucky (408 posts) -
pirate_republic said:
"I see what you did there."
So do I, I feel it was a poor attempt as well.
#5 Posted by AttackedCamo (816 posts) -

I'm actually looking forward to it. Especially the dynamic weather.

#6 Posted by Daz0608 (384 posts) -

I've seen the latest preview from IGN, and it looks better and more polished than I expected it to be,definitely on my radar

#7 Posted by burjeffton--defunct (112 posts) -

It's on my radar - but i hope it's decent. I'd be a "for sure", but Destineer is putting it out, which is a major red flag.

#8 Posted by zerok (180 posts) -

I'm so looking forward to this. The last really great and fun snowboarding game for me was SSX3 (with its successors not being as great compared to it) and to some extent Amped3, which was just downright entertaining even with those weird problems in the physics engine. But the amount of mountain you got out of it was just astonishing. 

I really hope that Stoked gets close to Amped3 in the quantity department and SSX3 in quality :D For me personally the dynamic weather is more like a welcome bonus.

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