Learn More Using X-Men's Storm in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

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Ororo Munroe aka Storm of the X-Men

Has Storm changed in this game? What costumes are available for her this time? Does she have new moves? Did she lose some old moves? How about new quotes? And is Storm better this time in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3? All of these and everything else about her in this game we will be discussing on this thread.

First, let's start with the 6 alternate costumes.

Here's a link to see a larger image of each Storm alternate costume as well as the DLC: http://www.comicvine.com/storm/29-1444/storm-unveils-her-6-alternate-costumes-in-ultimatemarvelvscapcom3/92-632341/#17

We no longer have the 2 alternate costumes from Storm that had red colors. And I was indeed sad when i knew that because my favorite costume was her red alternate costume. Right now, I'm usually using blue and gold costume (the first image) and sometimes the violet and black costume (the 5th image). But.... I will be using Storm's DLC costume more when it's available on the arcade I'm playing. : )

Here's a video so you'll see how cool it is using Storm's DLC mohawk look. : )

As for moves, Storm actually didn't lose any. She is still able to call an assist while floating. She looks a bit faster but not really something to be really proud of since most of the characters have become faster as well. I haven't really observed this but they say that Storm chips health greater than in original MVC3. I'm not so sure about it because the health bars are wider now. So you tell me. : )

Storm's moves are still the done the same as you see below. Posting it so that new players would also know.

Taken from this link (by Casvic): http://marvelvscapcom.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Marvel_moves_in_Ultimate_Marvel_vs._Capcom_3

Move Name

Normal Input

Simple Input



Double Typhoon



Lightning Attack

+ can be directed


Lightning Sphere



Fair Wind



Foul Wind






Hail Storm



Lightning Storm


Elemental Rage



Storm has 2 new moves namely:

Foul Wind: the wind pushes an opponent towards Storm

Fair Wind: the wind pushes an opponent away.

Both new moves doesn't chip damage. It may look useless but it isn't really. I use fair wind after I summon an assist (Sentinel) and it makes you become a more offensive player. But, you need right timing here because even if the opponent gets caught by the fair wind, the opponent can still move and hit you instead.

And with regards to her typhoon, it's still disappointingly and frustratingly slow. It' still the slowest move in the game. If it was faster, it would have helped Storm players to connect her combos, just like Wesker, Cap, Sentinel, Superskrull etc.

Storm's Lightning Storm, Hailstorm and Elemental Rage are mashable to inflict more damage. So after you have summoned either of the hypercombos, continue to press those buttons rapidly for greater damage on the opponent. : )

Storm has become better in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 but still difficult to use. It really takes skill and mastery in order to use her full fury.

A Storm fan (SINNER in cbr site) made this video to give us some ideas how to make our Storm more dangerous when we use her.

Anyway, I almost forgot. Storm was not emphasized (zoomed in) on the UMVC3 trailer. She was paired to Akuma. You can see her starting at 4:20

Storm also got some new quotes. I remember one. She was saying that she was happy that there are no raccoons in Wakanda. funny huh? : )

Please feel free to post Storm's new quotes here.

And please do share to us how you're doing with game using Storm and how do you use her better. : )

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